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Originally Posted: August 9 2008



8/9/08: Dogs Crushed In Traps As "Animal Control?"

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El Paso, Colorado County Commissioners
27 E. Vermijo Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903-2208
ph: 719-520-7276 * fax: 719-520-6397

Commissioner Districts
Wayne Williams, District 1: [email protected] 
Amy Lathen, District 2: 719-520-6412 * [email protected]  
Sallie Clark, Third Member, District 3: 719-520-6413 * [email protected] 
Dennis Hisey, Chair, District 4: 719-520-6414 * [email protected] 
Jim Bensberg, Vice Chair, District 5: 719-520-6415 * [email protected] 

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El Paso, Colorado Board of County Commissioners:

I write as a concerned citizen who is disgusted with El Paso, Colorado's
intent to finance the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) use of leg hold
and snare traps to eradicate homeless dogs. This is wholly unacceptable. I
strongly urge officials to manage homeless animals compassionately.

At the outset, El Paso County officials can expect a public relations
nightmare. Spring-powered or sear-activated steel-jaw leghold traps crush an
animal between two steel jaws. Even "padded" traps clamp down on an animal's
legs, feet, head, eyes, muzzle or abdomen. "Padding" provides little more
than a sliver of material wedged between steel jaws and an animal.

If animals are not fatally squashed, many gnaw their teeth to the jawbone or
chew off their feet to escape. Those who survive mutilation, exposure and
starvation languish on trap lines until trappers return to club, stomp,
shoot or drown them.

Snare traps consist of a cheap steel-cable loop crafted to strangle an
animal in minutes. Snares usually fail, leaving the animal to endure
hemorrhaging, bloodied eyes and broken teeth. No animal -- wild or companion
-- should suffer slow and agonizing death.

Yet that is precisely what El Paso County plans to subsidize, despite its
contractual agreement with a local humane society that dispenses countywide
animal control services and takes in strays.

Please invest in humane box traps to contain fearful or skittish dogs.
Animal control agencies humanely trap all the time, yet El Paso County has
not even attempted a non-violent approach. I respectfully ask officials to
cancel their USDA contract to abuse and kill roaming dogs.

It is incomprehensible that any county could propose this merciless form of
"animal control" in the 21st Century.

Thank you,



El Paso County Officials Plan to Use Cruel Traps to Capture Dogs 

El Paso Board Of County Commissioners 


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