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Originally Posted: 6 November 2008

Tell the Susan G. Komen Foundation to Cut Out Animal Research

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Every 12 minutes, a woman in America succumbs to breast cancer, but the Susan G. Komen Foundation continues to waste funds on cruel, outdated, and unreliable animal tests as the clock tocks on cancer patients' lives.

Doing nothing that will actually help in a real "Race for the Cure," the Susan G. Komen Foundation has instead focused its time and your money on infecting mice and rats with breast cancer.

In one recent experiment, mice were injected with cancer cells and forced to grow huge tumors. The "lucky" ones were bombarded with radiation and infected with modified herpes. Others received no treatment at all. Their blood was collected by jabbing needles directly under their eyes, which causes blood vessels to rupture and other deadly complications. The mice were then killed when their tumors grew to a certain size. In other experiments, rats were killed so their mammary glands and fat could be removed and studied.

These tests are extremely cruel to the animals who experience pain and anguish, and the tests are completely inaccurate because of the vast physiological variations between species. Please support humane breast cancer charities xx, such as the Avon Foundationxx, that channel funds into prevention, community-based organizations, and viable clinicl research.

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Please take action today!

Thank you.

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