Billy’s Fate - Close L.A. Zoo Elephant Exhibit For Good

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Originally Posted: 29 November 2008

Billy’s Fate - Close L.A. Zoo Elephant Exhibit For Good

From Kinship Circle

LA Animal Rights



The City Council heard Councilmember Cardenas' motions on November 19, 2008 at 10am. After 4 hours of deliberation, the council voted to send both issues -- stopping construction of the elephant exhibit and sending Billy to a sanctuary -- to the Finance Committee.

This is Billy's last chance at a taste of freedom! The Cardenas motion
represents Billy's only chance to get out of his miserable, barren pen at
the L.A. Zoo. And it's a chance to save future elephants from suffering and
dying prematurely in a $42 million exhibit that still doesn't provide the
space elephants need. This $42 million is being spent at a time when the
city is looking at a budget overage of $10 million. Encourage the members to
spend the city's money in a more responsible way. Send Billy to a sanctuary
and halt construction of an elephant exhibit.

TALKING POINTS. Write a personal note using these talking points:

-- The $42 million L.A. Zoo elephant exhibit is a waste of taxpayer money
and won¹t provide the space the elephants need.

-- Too many elephants have suffered and died prematurely at L.A. Zoo, many
due to painful health problems caused by inadequate conditions including
pens that are far too small.

-- Billy has spent years in solitary confinement in a tiny zoo pen, where he
constantly bobs his head up and down, an abnormal behavior not seen in the

-- The City of Los Angeles has made great strides toward becoming more
humane. Now it's time to include elephants by closing the elephant exhibit
and sending Billy to a sanctuary as soon as possible.


A second hearing will take place once the finance committee has reviewed the
cost to halt construction compared to the cost of finishing construction.
Please attend in two weeks. Contact people below:

WHAT: L.A. City Council meeting
WHERE: L.A. City Hall / 200 N. Spring Street / Los Angeles, CA 90012
John Ferraro Council Chamber, Room 340


Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Los Angeles City Hall
200 N. Spring St. / Los Angeles , CA 90012
ph: 213-978-0600; fax: 213-978-0750
email: [email protected] org

EMAIL BLOCK -- doesn’t show Councilmember Alarcon; use contact form below:
[email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected]

District 1, Ed Reyes: [email protected]
ph: 213-473-7001 / fax: 213-485-8907

District 2, Wendy Greuel: [email protected]
ph: 213-473-7002 / fax: 213-680-7895

District 3, Dennis P. Zine: [email protected]
ph: 213-473-7003

District 4, Tom LaBonge: [email protected]
ph: 213-473-7004 / fax: 213-624-7810

District 5, Jack Weiss: [email protected]
ph: 213-473-7005 / fax: 213-978-2250

District 6, Tony Cardenas: [email protected]
ph: 213-473-7006 / fax: 213-847-0549

District 7, Richard Alarcon:
web mail:
ph: 213-473-7007 / fax: 213-847-0707

District 8, Bernard Parks: [email protected]
ph: 213-473-7008 / fax: 213-458-7683

District 9, Jan Perry: [email protected]
ph: 213-473-7009 / fax: 213-473-5946

District 10, Herb J. Wesson, Jr.: [email protected]
ph: 213-473-7010 / fax: 213-485-9829

District 11, Bill Rosendahl: [email protected]
ph: 213-473-7011 / fax: 213-473-6926

District 12, Greig Smith: [email protected]
ph: 213-473-7012 / fax: 213-473-6925

District 13, Eric Garcetti: [email protected]
ph: 213-473-7013 / fax: 213-613-0819

District 14, Jose Huizar: [email protected]
ph: 213-473-7014 / fax: 213-847-0680

District 15, Janice Hahn: [email protected]
ph: 213-473-7015 / fax: 213-626-5431

To locate your councilmember online: and scroll to "My Neighborhood" and enter your address. You can also dial 311 within the City of Los Angeles, or call 213-473-3231 from the Greater Los Angeles area.

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