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Originally Posted: 21 March 2009

End Bali Dog Slaughter

From Bali Animal Welfare Association

The Balinese Government has also launched a rabies scare campaign Ė this is causing some people to hand in their pets for slaughter and yet others are taking the killing into their own hands. In fact the Governor of Bali has asked all Balinese to assist in the killing.

The answer to eradicating rabies is vaccinations - not this cruel killing. The World Health Organization states that vaccinations are the only effective way to eradicate rabies. We need your help to convince the Balinese Government to stop this cruel and horrendous slaughter! Their plan is to keep going until all community dogs of Bali are wiped out.

Please help. Every day dogs are dying in agony .......they need your immediate help.

Go here to send online emails to Baliís Governor, I Made Mangku Pastika,
Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Ir. Anton Apriyantono, MS
Director General of Animal Husbandry, Dr. Ir. Tjeppy Daradjatun
President of Indonesia, Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Indonesian Consul General (NSW), Sudaryomo Hartosudarmo


Innocent, healthy dogs, some of them trusting, loving pets - killed in cold blood on the streets of Bali.

Strychnine Poisoning, Shooting Dogs, etc.

See a video of dogs dying from strychnine poisoning.

Imagine suddenly getting severe cramps that soon become powerful and agonizing convulsions -your back arches up and your whole body shakes. You cry out in pain but no-one cares. The cramps subside after a minute but recur at a slight touch, a noise or a slight movement. You lie there helpless and in agony. The spasms become more violent and painful over several hours. Eventually your overworked respiratory system starts to give way and you gasp for air. You beg for death to come and take you.

In November 2008 rabies was reported in Bali. It is no surprise - since the government forbid the use of rabies vaccines in Bali. Even now that rabies is in Bali, the government is still maintaining restrictions on the vaccine and limiting its use to a small area in the south.

Itís hard to believe that any government would ban the use of rabies vaccines in most areas and choose instead to kill animals in such a cruel way.

The Balinese government has already been distributing strychnine baits because they wrongly believe that killings dogs will control the spread of rabies. The bait is indiscriminate. A beloved pet or a wild dog, they donít care.

Other methods used to kill dogs in Bali include bludgeoning and shooting on sight with handguns. Australians recently witnessed the shooting of dogs in full public view on Seminyak beach.

The elimination program poses a real danger to Balinese and tourists alike because guns are being used in crowded public areas.

Can you imagine the streets in Bali littered with dying dogs - thrashing in agony like this one - her last moments captured on camera. The heartbreak and pain of a sight like this is what tourists will face.

To end all animal abuse, the best thing you can do is GO VEGAN!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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