Target - Huntingdon Life Sciences' Top Customers AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline

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Originally Posted: 5 August 2009

Target - Huntingdon Life Sciences' Top Customers AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline

From Kinship Circle

Tell AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline to end their business relationship with Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) AND to meet testing criterion with non-animal methods that yield data more relevant to human health and safety.

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Seven investigations have exposed such abuse as HLS techs who push naso-gastric tubes into dogs' lungs, drowning them in toxic materials. A tech punches a screaming 4-month-old beagle in the face. During a supposedly post-mortem dissection, a worker slices into the chest of a convulsing monkey... Animals seen dangling from slings or cowering in cages are left to seize, vomit and collapse with no vet care.

SCIENCE? "The best guess for the correlation of adverse reactions in man and animal toxicity data is somewhere between 5% and 25%" Animal Toxicity Studies: Their Relevance to Man, Lumley & Walker (eds) (Quay, 1989), 57-67.


- David Brennan, Chief Executive Officer: [email protected]
- Simon Lowth, Chief Financial Officer: [email protected]
- Tony Zook, Executive Vice President North America: [email protected]
- Bruno Angelici, Executive Vice President, Europe and ROW: [email protected]
- David Smith, Executive Vice-President, Operations: [email protected]
- Jan Lundberg, Executive Vice-President Discovery Research: [email protected]
- Lynn Tetrault, Executive Vice-President Human Resources: [email protected]
- Senior Non-Executive Director: [email protected]


AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP (U.S. Headquarters)
P.O. Box 15437; Wilmington, DE 19850-5437
ph: +1 302 886 3000, +1 302 886 2972

- Andrew Witty, CEO, Board of Directors: [email protected]
- Julian Heslop, Chief Financial Officer, Board of Directors: [email protected]
- Moncef Slaoui, Chairman of Research & Development, Board of Directors: [email protected]
- David Pulman, President of Global Manufacturing and Supply: [email protected]
- Marc Dunoyer, President of Asia Pacific/Japan: [email protected]
- President of North American Pharmaceuticals, Board of Directors: [email protected]
- John Clarke, President of Consumer Healthcare: [email protected]
- Simon Bicknell, SVP, Company Secretary & Compliance Officer: [email protected]
- Dan Phelan, Chief of Staff: [email protected]
- Claire Thomas, SVP, Human Resources: [email protected]


GlaxoSmithKline U.S. Corporate Headquarters
5 Moore Drive; Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
US corporate switchboard: +1 888-825-5249
US Customer Response Center: +1 888-825-5249

Glaxo Wellcome UK Ltd.
Stockley Park West, Uxbridge; Middlesex, UB11 1BT
ph: 020 8990 9000, 0800 221441
fax: 020 8990 4321, 020 8990 4328

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[email protected]


Kinship Circle cannot guarantee validity of email addresses. During campaigns, recipients may change or disable their email addresses. Emails from government, corporate, or institute websites may be incorrect.

SAMPLE LETTER. This letter is prepared to inform you about the issue. WRITE YOUR OWN LETTER using these talking points.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am concerned about the welfare of animals used in the development of your products. I understand that both AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline severed ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) after an investigation exposed routine animal abuse inside the research facility.

Your good faith in Huntingdon's promise to "clean up its act" led you to renew your contract. Sadly, abuse remains the norm at HLS. As recently as 2008, a published report about primate trafficking across South America and Asia described wild-caught monkeys squashed in cages for 30-hour treks to Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire.

Inside the primate unit, an undercover worker recorded animals in filthy cages who "went crazy," gnawing fingers and toes to the bone. One primate was tube fed after self-inflicted wounds left her face in shreds. The investigator counted 217 monkeys killed in just five studies for customers such as GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca.

I respectfully ask you to re-join the global list of customers, suppliers and financiers who dropped HLS after learning about the lab's habitual abuse, falsification of test data, sloppy protocol, and employee misconduct.

Evidence from seven investigations over 12 years has exposed Huntingdon for multiple breaches of the U.S. Animal Welfare Act, the arrest of workers on  animal cruelty charges, more than 520 infringements of Good Laboratory Practice in England, and a $50,000 payoff to the U.S. Agriculture Department for misstated records and animal welfare violations.

In 2005, two former HLS workers testified that animals were insufficiently anesthetized before invasive procedures, such as extraction of bone marrow from the chest bone. Workers transferred blood into the wrong tubes. One "would go in and out about five times with the same needle, not hitting the vein," the past employee maintained. "I saw co-workers grab [dogs] by the scruff, shout and swear at them, swing them by the scruff and slap them."

Many labs now meet testing criterion with non-animal methods that yield data more relevant to human health and safety. HLS, on the other hand, abuses animals for invalid and redundant experiments.

I urge you to permanently terminate all business with Huntingdon Life Sciences. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.



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