End Animal Abuse at Freedom High Schools

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Originally Posted: 1 October 2009

End Animal Abuse at Freedom High School

From People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Tell Freedom High School and Principal Chris Farkas to permanently prohibit the use of animals—alive or dead—in the school's classrooms and take appropriate disciplinary action against those responsible for what happened in his school.


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And/Or better yet, make direct contact:

Principal, Freedom High School
Christopher Farkas
901 East Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa FL 33602
phone (813) 272-4000


PETA has obtained police records that show that the head of the science department at Tampa, Florida's Freedom High School repeatedly bought gerbils over the last several years and housed them in extremely crowded conditions without adequate food, water, or bedding. According to multiple accounts, some of the gerbils began eating the flesh of their deceased cagemates before they, too, slowly starved to death; finches were left in exposed conditions and died within weeks; and a ball python died after being deprived of a heat source. Reports suggest that the gerbils were not given food or water for more than two weeks.

Happy Gerbils

Furthermore, it has been alleged that this same irresponsible teacher bought live frogs for dissection exercises in her classrooms. She attempted to kill them by placing them in a refrigerator, but they were reportedly still alive and began moving and bleeding when the students cut them open. The frogs eventually died from blood loss.

The police investigation found that the teacher failed to provide adequate care and likely violated Florida's anti-cruelty statutes, and Hillsborough County Animal Services has filed civil citations for cruelty to animals against the teacher.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!