Grant Paul Watson and Peter Hammarstedt visas into Australia

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Originally Posted: 15 October 2009

Grant Paul Watson and Peter Hammarstedt Visas into Australia


Tell Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to grant Captain Paul Watson and First Officer Peter Hammerstedt visas to enter Australia to continue their work to save whales.


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Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
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Back in 2007, Prime Minister Rudd made a promise to the Australian Public that if elected he would protect our whales off Australian Shores in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary. Australia's Whale Sanctuary was established in 1999, but since 1986 more than 10,000 whales have been illegally slaughtered and processed by the Japanese factory fleet and to date there have been no prosecutions for these horrendous crimes. Prime Minister Rudd said to the Australian people that ocean patrols would be backed up by legal action and Japan would be taken to the International Court of Justice or the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. This now appears to be all lies.

Captain Paul Watson founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and his first officer, Peter Hammarstedt have been so far refused visa entry to Australia to continue his fight against Japanese whaling. Despite having a visa granted every year and never having a criminal conviction, our government has seen fit to tie up the process in an attempt to thwart the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's attempts to save our whales after requests to do so by the Japanese government. We need to send a strong message to PM Kevin Rudd that we want no part in this cruel and disgusting slaughter of these beautiful creatures and we want the Japanese government stopped from continuing to commit these crimes. Please sign this petition to tell Prime Minister Rudd that Australians and the whole world are watching to see that he keeps this important promise and stands up to protect the whales in Australian waters.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!