Children 8-16 Recruited To Shoot Hogs to Death in Florida

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Originally Posted: 15 October 2009

Children 8-16 Recruited To Shoot Hogs to Death in Florida

Tell Florida officials to cancel upcoming Children's "Hunt" that is scheduled for October 17 through 24 where children will be "supervised" to hunt and kill wild hogs.


Todd Pressman
Governing Board Chairman
The Southwest Florida Water Management District [SWFWMD]
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Cori Cuttler
Community Affairs Program Manager
The Southwest Florida Water Management District
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Rodney L. Barreto
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Chairman, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Chairman/CEO, The Barreto Group, Inc.
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Florida Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp

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Florida Department of Children and Families
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Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum
State of Florida
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The Southwest Florida Water Management District is sponsoring a "hunt" by winning essay contest applicants. The contest was open to children 8-16. There were to be 24 winners, but the contest attracted only 20 applicants.

The applicant featured in the St. Petersburg Times is a 9-year-old girl, a fourth-grader at St. Jude's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Florida, who's mother encouraged her to enter the contest not long after the girl learned to shoot on a camping trip.

The Children's "Hunt" is scheduled for October 17th and October 24th at the Edward W. Chance Reserve - Gilley Creek Tract in the Lake Manatee Lower Watershed southeast of the city of St. Petersburg, Florida.

The guns will be loaded when the children are situated in a blind.

Since the shooting is to take place from a blind, it is probable that bait will be placed in front of the blind where hogs were likely drawn by bait previously in order to habituate them to the site, making the hog's set-up targets. This whole thing is extremely unethical from a number of perspectives. Some would call it psychologically damaging child abuse that may do permanent harm.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!