Boycott Philadelphia Macy's Until They End Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

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Originally Posted: 12 December 2009

Boycott Philadelphia Macy's Until They End Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

FROM Friends of Animals (FOA)

Tell Macy's to end their December promotion of horse-drawn carriage rides.


Jim Kenney, General Manager of Macy’s

  • phone (215) 241-9000 (let the recorded message play for 5 seconds, then hit zero and ask the operator for Jim Kenney
  • phone (215) 241-9000 (dial 1 after the message starts, and then dialing his direct extension at 2755)

Marita Osbourne, General Manager of Wanamaker Building
phone (215) 851-0406


Macy’s management and the Wanamaker Building management, which houses Macy’s, have been informed through repeated phone conversations that horse exploitation is not appropriately offered up to their customers as a festive holiday treat. With Friends of Animals’ effort to enact legislation to ban horse-drawn carriages in Philadelphia gaining strides, why would Macy’s take a step backwards by allowing an archaic and disrespectful industry to set up at its front door?

Please make polite calls to the people who can stop this promotion. Tell them that you won’t be shopping at any Macy’s store until this stops, and that you’ll be telling everyone you know to not only boycott Macy’s, but to also join the protests Friends of Animals will organize on Sunday, the 20th of December in front of Macy’s if the rides don’t stop.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!