Tell Clorox to Stop Animal Testing!

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Originally Posted: 14 December 2009

Tell Clorox to Stop Animal Testing!


Let the Clorox Company know it's time to stop ALL animal testing and let them know you will boycott all of their products until they stop.


Sign an online petition

And/Or better make, make direct contact:

Donald Knauss (Chairman and CEO of Clorox)
1221 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612
phone (510) 271-7000
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Clorox is a company that manufacturers popular brands like: Glad, Pine-Sol, Soft Scrub, S.O.S., Fresh Step Litter, Tilex, and many more.

What you may not realize is Clorox also tests their products on animals even when it is not required by law.

Animal testing is a cruel practice that confines animals like monkeys, rabbits, mice, rats, and even cats and dogs in small cages their entire lives. The ingredients used in these products are tested on the animals in a variety of ways including: dripped into eyes, smeared into cuts, injected, and fed to these animals. Animals feel pain, loneliness, and neglect and suffer both physically and mentally from this abuse.

We can make it stop. By signing this petition you are:

  • encouraging Clorox to become a cruelty-free company that refuses to conduct or commission any animal tests with any of their ingredients, formulations, or finished products
  • telling Clorox you will not buy any of their products until they stop animal testing

Thank you for everything you do for animals!