Stop Italian Legislation that Will Allow Hunting During Bird Migrations

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Originally Posted: 2 February 2010

Stop Italian Legislation that Will Allow Expand Hunting During Bird Migrations

FROM Italian Friends of Nature

Tell the Italian Parliament to NOT pass legislation will expand hunting that will cause more deaths to more birds throughout Italy.

CONTACT the Italian Parliament:


The Italian Parliament is deciding on a modification to current hunting legislation which would allow hunting all the year round. This would hit migratory birds particularly hard, all the more so because on one hand the number of these animals is diminishing year after year as a result of climate change and on the other hand, Italy acts as a "bridge" for a large number of European migratory birds.

In Italy, hunting is already an authentic massacre with neither rules nor control. Hunters can enter land belonging to anyone and kill. The proposed modification would make this situation more catastrophic for migratory birds.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!