Stop Creation of a Bullfighting Department by Portuguese Government

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Originally Posted: 16 February 2010

Stop Creation of a Bullfighting Department by Portuguese Government

FROM Movimento Anti-Touradas de Portugal (Portuguese Anti-Bullfighting Movement)

Tell the Portuguese Government that creating a government agency to study and/or promote bullfighting should not happen.


Please send an e-mail message to the Portuguese Prime Minister, to the Chief Minister of the Council of Ministers, to the Minister of Culture, with CC's to the Parliamentary Leaders of the six main political parties in the Portuguese Parliament, requesting them to do something in order to stop this from going forward.

Please send your e-mails directly to the Portuguese Government through
the following addresses:;;

With Cc to the different political Parties in the Portuguese Parliament:;;;;;;;

And also CC to the Portuguese Anti-Bullfighting Movement:


(Also read Portugal: Ministry of Culture Creates Department for Bullfighting.)

The Portuguese Anti-Bullfighting Movement is aware that the Ministry of Culture is planning to create a bullfighting department in the future National Council of Culture.

The purpose of this Council and its departments is to be a consulting body to issue opinions on the investment of public funds in the field of culture, so we must oppose that our money, which is used for promoting
Portuguese culture, may also be used for encouraging this business focused upon humiliating and exploiting animals.

According to a recent Note, dated 2010-02-03 from the Ministry of Culture: “The National Council of Culture is a consulting collegial body to support the Ministry of Culture as well as its different organisms and services, and shall function both as a plenary body and in specialized departments as well. Its legal basis foresees the possibility of creating new specialized departments, which prerogative shall be used in order to create the arts and the bullfighting departments.”

So we are before something very, very serious, which is the use of public funds for supporting an activity which is largely condemned by the majority of the Portuguese population and of the international community.

Time has come for us all to say NO, IT’S ENOUGH ! We do not want this cruelty and animal abuse business, namely bullfighting, to be funded with our money coming from our taxes!

We do not want to be accomplices in this dirty move!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!