Tell U.S. Forest Service to Give Wild Horses Their Fair Share

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Originally Posted: 30 March 2010

Tell U.S. Forest Service to Give Wild Horses Their Fair Share

FROM In Defense of Animals (IDA)

Earlier this month the Forest Service proposed continuing and even introducing cattle grazing in these same wild horse and burro territories. Today, we ask for your help to convince the Forest Service that it must change course and reform its broken system of establishing artificially low wild horse and burro numbers, starting with the current proposal.


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Heather Mobley
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The Forest Service has presented a horrible proposal. It establishes dangerously low numbers for wild horses and burros AND short-cuts the public comment period. RIGHT NOW until April 5 is that brief comment period to speak up in opposition to this horrible proposal.

Submit the form at the bottom of this page to tell the Forest Service that wild horses and burros deserve their fair share of our public lands.

At the heart of the broken wild horse and burro program is the government’s systematic approach to establishing artificially low numbers for wild horses and burros allowed on public lands. Repeatedly, the government allows cattle grazing in horse territories, gives the lion’s share of range resources (i.e. forage, water, etc) to cattle, and routinely scapegoats wild horses and burros for any real or imaginary range problems.

The Forest Service is proposing that only 236 to 437 horses and burros be allowed to live in 11 wild horse and burro territories encompassing more than 730,000 acres in central Nevada. If this proposal is finalized, all horses and burros outside of that count will be subjected to roundup and removal – thus continuing the ill-conceived and unfair wild horse and burro “management” program.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!