End Pound Seizure in Minnesota

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Originally Posted: 27 April 2010

End Pound Seizure in Minnesota

FROM End Pound Seizure Minnesota

Minnesota Residents: Tell your Legislators to support a ban on pound seizure. Minnesota and Oklahoma are the only two states with pound seizure laws in effect. (Pound Seizure: "any animal in a publicly funded shelter for more than five days can be claimed by a licensed institution for experimentation purposes.")


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Minnesota State Legislature


And Then There Were Two...

Last month Utah legislators overwhelmingly passed legislation eliminating mandatory pound seizure, and on March 27, 2010, the governor of Utah signed the bill into law. While the law unfortunately does not ban pound seizure outright, it does state that animal shelters are no longer required to turn over unclaimed cats and dogs to research institutions for experimentation.

So...now it's just Oklahoma and Minnesota with mandatory pound seizure laws. Yep, just us and the good ol' boys. We are working to ban pound seizure in Minnesota and you can help. If you haven't already done so, please visit End Pound Seizure Minnesota, read about this issue, and sign the petition. You can also support the cause by purchasing ID tags like the one pictured above and other Ban Pound Seizure message wear for your furry friends at ARC's store, Ethique Nouveau.

Please help us ensure that animal shelters do what they're supposed to do: provide a haven for lost and homeless dogs and cats. Let's not be the very last state in the union to require pound seizure! Sign the petition now!


Thank you for everything you do for animals!