End Alabama Greyhound Racing

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Originally Posted: 22 May 2010

End Alabama Greyhound Racing


Tell Alabama Governor Bob Riley to immediately launch a formal investigation into dog cruelty in Greyhound racing. Tell him that dog racing is cruel and inhumane and must end.


Governor Bob Riley
Office of the Governor
State Capitol
600 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36130
phone (334) 242-7100
fax (334) 353-0004
website email - http://governor.alabama.gov/contact/contact_form.aspx


Last week GREY2KUSA wrote to the Alabama Governor’s Task Force with information about two racing greyhounds testing cocaine positive. We asked that the Task Force launch a formal investigation into the following incidents:

  • On or about December 23, 2009 a greyhound named Kiowa Fly Lucia tested positive for cocaine at Mobile County Greyhound Park.
  • On or about November 11, 2009 a greyhound under the control of an individual named Robert E. Trow tested positive for cocaine at the Birmingham Racecourse.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!