Urge 'Drop Dead Diva' to Drop the Chimpanzee Act

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Originally Posted: 1 Jun 2010

Urge "Drop Dead Diva" to Drop the Chimpanzee Act

[Ed. Note: See Primates in Entertainment: An Exposé.]

FROM People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Please urge Lifetime not to air the upcoming episode of Drop Dead Diva that features a chimpanzee. Tell JoAnn Alfano, Producer of "Drop Dead Diva" (Lifetime Entertainment) to exclude the scenes with Suzy, an abused chimpanzee.


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Contact JoAnn Alfano through Facebook.


Visit the PETA petition page for a great video with Angelic Houston about the importance of using "willing" human actors!

PETA recently received a horrifying report from a whistleblower regarding an upcoming episode of Lifetime Entertainment Television's Drop Dead Diva. The whistleblower alleged abusive treatment of a young chimpanzee named Suzy during filming of the episode, claiming that the man who handled Suzy on the set yanked Suzy's ears, pulled her hair, continually tugged at the leash that was attached to her leg, and yelled at her to the extent that she cowered because of the loud and threatening tone that he used.

Suzy was provided for the show by Steve Martin's Working Wildlife, a company that has been cited repeatedly by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. Chimpanzees used in film and television are typically very young animals who are prematurely removed from their mothers—often just days or weeks after birth. Trainers use physical abuse in order to ensure that chimpanzees know "who's boss" and to force the animals to perform confusing, unnatural behaviors on cue. By the time chimpanzees reach approximately 8 years of age, they are too strong to be safely handled and are often discarded at wretched roadside zoos or otherwise "warehoused" in appalling conditions.

The American Humane Association's reported presence during the filming of the Drop Dead Diva episode was obviously of no help to Suzy, who was reportedly abused and bullied into performing despite her obvious reluctance. Please urge Lifetime not to air the upcoming episode of Drop Dead Diva that features a chimpanzee.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!