Enough Is Enough...End Bullfighting in Catalonia

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Originally Posted: 2 Jun 2010

Enough Is Enough...End Bullfighting in Catalonia

From All-Creatures.org's image gallery. This matador stabs the bull repeatedly in his shoulders to weaken and torment the bull. This stabbing is not fatal, but causes the bull to suffer and bleed. To us, for someone to enjoy this "activity" is proof of his or her depravity.

FROM World Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (WSPA)

Add your name to our petition, so that together we can encourage the Catalonian Parliament to vote in favor of a ban on bullfighting in Spain's largest region.


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After a huge anti-cruelty campaign by the Catalonian public, the regional parliament will vote this summer on whether to ban bullfighting for good. We want the MPs to know there are thousands of people all around the world who care which way they vote and are hoping to see them put an end to this cruel ‘sport’.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!