Support the Purchase of Three Sisters Springs for Manatees

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Originally Posted: 18 Jun 2010

Support the Purchase of Three Sisters Springs for Manatees

Please take action for manatees! By signing the petition below, you will send an email message to Ken Reecy at the Florida Communities Trust, showing your support for the purchase of the Three Sisters Springs property through the FCT program.

FROM Save the Manatee Club


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The Florida Communities Trust (FCT) Board is meeting in Tallahassee on Thursday, June 24th, and the Three Sisters Springs project is on the agenda. Please help protect critical manatee habitat by showing your support for the purchase of this important property.

The Three Sisters Springs parcel, which abuts two manatee sanctuaries in Kings Bay in Crystal River, Florida, is a crucial land purchase for the protection of endangered manatees as the springs provide one of the most important manatee warm water refuges on Florida’s west coast. Purchase of this property through the FCT program will help ensure a better future for manatees while also protecting one of the natural wonders of Florida.

The public acquisition of this property will also increase the size of the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, allow for local land-based manatee viewing for the first time that will help to reduce incidents of manatee harassment, and protect water quality and quantity. It will lay the groundwork for comprehensive environmental and manatee education. The acquisition of Three Sisters Springs has broad-based statewide support from local, state, and federal agencies, as well as private contributors, and Florida Governor Charlie Crist recently accepted the FCT budget line item for Three Sisters in the state budget.. The preservation and educational/ ecotourism opportunities that will result from this purchase will also give an economic boost to Florida.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!