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Originally Posted: 14 Aug 2010

Help Pass the Israeli Fur Ban

FROM Born Free USA

Tell Israeli Minister of Industry, Trade and Employment to support the upcoming vote that would OUTLAW the fur trade throughout Israel.


Binyamin Fouad Ben-Eliezer
Israeli Minister of Industry, Trade and Employment
5 Bank Israel Street
Jerusalem Israel
phone 02-6408371
fax 02-6662908

If your email bounces, try again!


A groundbreaking bill proposing to outlaw the fur trade throughout Israel is set to be put to a vote on September 2nd, potentially making Israel the first country in the world to ban fur for fashion. If passed, the bill would prohibit the production, processing, import, export, and sale of fur from all animal species not already part of the meat industry.

This landmark bill has attracted widespread support in Israel, as well as created a global stir among members of the public, politicians, and celebrities. The bill still needs to pass crucial votes to become law and it is under severe threat due to lobbying from the international fur industry.

Please write to the Minister - TODAY - to let him know you support the ban, and help send the message that people throughout the world are paying close attention to the progress of this bill and that we stand behind its passage.

Important Note: Due to reports of the Minister’s email account occasionally crashing, we are asking our members to please take the time to cut and paste the sample letter (below) into an email, and watch out for bounce-backs. While we recognize that this is an extra step, over and above what you are used to, it is vital that your important message reaches its destination!


Dear Mister Minister,

I am writing to let you know that I strongly support the bill to ban the fur trade in Israel. This ban would set an important, compassionate example for other countries to follow.

As you know, each year, more than 70 million animals are killed for fashion. Whether used as a full-length coat or simple trim, fur represents senseless pain and suffering.

Wild-caught fur, obtained by setting traps or snares to capture fur-bearing animals, can result in the animal remaining in the trap or snare for several days before starving or slowly strangling to death. If the animal is still alive when the trapper comes to check the trap or snare, it will be beaten over the head or shot. Non-target animals that are accidentally caught and killed in these traps, such as deer, cats, dogs, and squirrels, are called “trash” and discarded.

Israel has a remarkable opportunity to be a world-leader by banning fur nationwide. The government should stand strong and do what’s right, unmoved by the self-interested pleadings of well-paid lobbyists. There is a global groundswell of support for the Israeli legislation in countries that are Israel’s friends and allies. These legions of compassionate citizens will hold Israel up as a beacon of hope for the entire world to see.

Once again, please support the ban on the fur trade to alleviate animal suffering and so that other countries, including the United States, may follow your compassionate lead.


Thank you for everything you do for animals!