AFLAC Ad Promotes Animal Abuse in New Commercial

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Originally Posted: 30 Oct 2010

AFLAC Ad Promotes Animal Abuse in New Commercial

FROM  United Poultry Concerns (UPC)


Tell Aflac to pull their ad that promotes animal abuse... and tell Aflac to NOT depict any form of animal cruelty in future ads.

Media Contacts from the Aflac press release:

Laura Kane
Aflac Incorporated

Jon A. Sullivan
Aflac Incorporated

Analyst and Investment Contact:
Kenneth S. Janke Jr.
Aflac Incorporated
1.800.235.2667, Option 3 Fax: 706.324.6330 


This Aflac ad makes a comedy out of their famous duck being injured multiple times at a barbecue in which a chicken is being roasted. Hopefully the ad will be removed sooner rather than later. See the ad here (as of 10/30/10) - .

Thank you for everything you do for animals!