Save India’s Olive Ridley Sea Turtles from New Port Construction

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Originally Posted: 21 Nov 2010

Save India’s Olive Ridley Sea Turtles from New Port Construction

FROM  Sea Turtle Restoration Project (STRP)


Oppose the POSCO port project in Orissa because of the many threats it poses to India’s Olive Ridley sea turtles.

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The construction of a proposed port along one of India’s critical olive ridley nesting beaches jeopardizes the future of this unique sea turtle population. The South Korean steel maker POSCO plans to construct the port at Jatadhar in Orissa that would introduce bright lights, massive vessels, and consistent dredging into sensitive habitat for these threatened sea turtles. Read more at our website.

Orissa's Unique Olive Ridley Population

Genetic studies show that olive ridley sea turtles in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans originated from India, making the population in Orissa extremely valuable for conservation. "Protecting the habitat along the Orissa coastline takes on greater importance,” says ecologist and STRP ally Kartik Shanker, at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Obama and STRP Support India Partnerships

STRP members and friends can add international support to protect sea turtles with our partners in India. President Obama’s recent visit to India renewed the bonds between our two countries in the hope that we can work together for a better future.

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