Tell Samsonite that You Don't Want their Bloody Suitcase

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Originally Posted: 28 Jan 2011

Tell Samsonite that You Don't Want their Bloody Suitcase

FROM  League Against Cruel Sports


Samsonite has been airing ads in the U.S. that glorify bullfighting. League Against Cruel Sports has contacted them to no avail. Contact Samsonite and tell them to stop exploiting tortured animals!

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Customer Service: phone: 800-765-BAGS (2247) and email


Luggage company Samsonite has been widely criticised by the League for glorifying bullfighting in an advert to sell a four-wheeled suitcase.

The advert which stars matador Christian Aparicio is apparently supposed to remind us of the mad rush experienced at airports whilst promoting the ease of movement of the case. Unfortunately what Samsonite has failed to realise is that the overwhelming majority of people find bullfighting abhorrent and find the glorification of this barbaric and archaic ‘tradition’ to be in very bad taste.

The depiction of the bullfight in the advert would have us believe that bullfighting is dramatic and graceful, with the scene shot in a dreamlike format. What is not made clear is that bullfighting is not only brutal but completely unnecessary, involving the matador tormenting, goading, stabbing, and eventually killing the bull in what is indisputably an extremely stressful and cruel act of brutality.

The League decided to send Samsonite a message that their customers didn't want them to glorify bullfighting by delivering a bloody suitcase to their office in London. Watch the video below and then let Samsonite know how you feel about them promoting bullfighting in their advert.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!