Help Exotic Animals at North Carolina Roadside Zoo

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Originally Posted: 9  April 2011

Help Exotic Animals at North Carolina Roadside Zoo

FROM  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)


Urge District Attorney William West to prosecute this case and request that Ben and the other exotic animals illegally held captive at Jambbas Ranch Tours be afforded placement with facilities that are equipped to provide them with the suitable care and environment that they need and deserve.

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District Attorney William West
Cumberland County
PO Box 1829
Fayetteville NC 28302


Jambbas Ranch Tours—a roadside zoo in Fayetteville, North Carolina, that exhibits exotic animals in cramped, barren enclosures—has been cited numerous times by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for violating the Animal Welfare Act. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has also denied Jambbas owner James Bass state wildlife permits because of his failure to provide animals with enclosures that meet even minimum standards. Ben, a bear kept at Jambbas, has been confined for years to a tiny cell made of concrete and chain link. He has no enrichment and paces constantly, a sign of stress and frustration.

Ben the Bear, held captive at Jambbas Ranch Tours

Since August 2010, PETA has been in communication with several Cumberland County representatives—including the county's animal services department, the county attorney's office, the sheriff's office, and more—requesting the enforcement of a county law that prohibits holding bears and other exotic animals captive, but no steps have been taken to help these animals. Because of the county's refusal and failure to uphold its own law, a concerned citizen and PETA member swore out a criminal complaint in January about Bass' unlawful possession of numerous exotic animals, including Ben the bear, a fox, a raccoon, and an alligator. These animals have been deprived of everything that is natural and important to them and are on display in substandard, miserable conditions. To see photos of Ben and other animals illegally held at Jambbas, click here.

PETA has secured placement for Ben and some of the other animals at wonderful sanctuaries, but the county has repeatedly expressed an unwillingness to move forward with this case. In fact, PETA learned that rather than enforcing the law, county officials recently changed the ordinance which could result in charges against Bass being dismissed, leaving Ben and the other animals to continue to suffer terribly and ultimately die alone in their small, barren pens.

The fate of these animals is now in the hands of Cumberland County District Attorney William West. A court date has been set for April 11. Your voice is needed to help ensure that these animals are not doomed to a lifetime of misery.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!