Oppose the Use of Seal Bombs

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Originally Posted: 22 June 2011

Oppose the Use of Seal Bombs

[Ed. Note: Most of the abuse to seals around the world is directly related to the fact that seals eat fish. People who want to profit from harvesting fish so other people can eat them use legal and illegal means to torment, wound and kill seals. Depletions in the numbers of fish and the numbers of fish species is CAUSED by humans eating them...not seals. Please visit Fish As Food. For detailed information about seal bombs, read Defending the Ocean's Animals.]

FROM Friends of Animals (FOA) and Peter Wallerstein, Marine Animal Rescue


Tell National Marine Fisheries Service to ban the use of seal bombs. Tell them to promote veganism if they really want to save ALL sea life.

NOAA Fisheries Service
Partnerships & Communications
1315 East West Highway
Silver Spring , MD 20910
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Seal bombs are explosive devices provided to commercial and sometimes sport-anglers by the government’s National Marine Fisheries Service. They’re supposed to be used to keep animals away from commercial nets and line. They are lit and thrown off the boat into the water, scaring the animals. I am sure just the concussion of the explosion, if they are used in the legal way, is horrific for these animals.

And sometimes these explosives are not used in the legal way. Now and then someone will take a seal bomb and put it in a dead fish, light the bomb, then feed the dead fish to a seal or a sea lion . The fish then explodes in the animal’s mouth; usually this kills the animal immediately, but too often causes severe injury — which results in a slow, agonizing death for these animals.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!