Protect the Grand Canyon from Uranium Mining...Take action again!

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Originally Posted: 19 July 2011

Protect the Grand Canyon from Uranium Mining...Take action again!

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FROM Center for Biological Diversity


Tell your U.S. Congressperson to vote TO BAN uranium mining in the Grand Canyon!

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Congress is poised to gut protections on 1 million acres of public lands around the Grand Canyon -- if we don’t take action right now to ban uranium mining in this national park.

The Grand Canyon is ground zero for a new uranium-mining boom. New mining would industrialize iconic wildlands and threaten irretrievable pollution of aquifers and the biologically rich springs and creeks they feed -- springs that harbor up to 500 times more species than adjacent lands.

In June, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar visited Grand Canyon, announcing that he favors enacting a 20-year mineral withdrawal across Grand Canyon National Park's 1-million-acre watershed. The measure would block new uranium mining.

Days later, a bill was introduced in Congress that would strip the Obama administration's authority to enact those protections -- sacrificing the Grand Canyon’s magnificent lands for more destructive uranium mining. The House of Representatives votes on that bill in late July or early August.

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