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Originally Posted: March 3, 2012

Stop Supporting 2012 Canadian Seal Hunt

[Ed. Note: Action - 2012 Demonstrations Against Canadian Harp Seal Slaughter and read Canadian Senate Proves Conservatives Are a Tad Dumb.]



Please send an email to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick seafood companies right away, to persuade them to stop supporting the brutal killing of grey seals. 

Find petition AND contact information here: 


Even though the markets for seal products have dried up, Nova Scotia fishermen are gearing up to kill grey seal pups. At any time now, they will being killing the pups right in front of their mothers, causing suffering and panic for the entire grey seal herd.

These sealers are fishermen and will be lucky to get a few dollars for each seal's pelt or flesh.

The fishing industry is pushing for a massive cull of grey seals, blaming them for the results of their own destructive fishing practices.  

Thank you for everything you do for animals!