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Let's Ban the Primate "Pet" Trade

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Originally Posted: April 5, 2012

Let's Ban the Primate "Pet" Trade



Urge you U.S. Congressional representative to co-sponor/support H.R. 4306, The Captive Primate Safety Act. This legislation would prohibit interstate commerce in primates.

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Nearly 200 dangerous incidents involving primate escapes and injuries to humans - including small children - have occurred nationwide in recent years. Primates also pose disease risks, including transmission of Ebola, tuberculosis and herpes B.

The Captive Primate Safety Act, which passed in the House of Representatives with overwhelming support in 2009, would modify the federal Lacey Act by adding nonhuman primates to the list of animals that cannot be imported, exported, transported, sold, purchased or otherwise acquired across state lines and foreign commerce. Narrowly crafted to target the pet trade and private possession of the species, the bill does not impact zoos, universities or wildlife sanctuaries.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!