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Tell church to cancel greased pig scramble

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Originally Posted: June 28, 2012

Tell church to cancel greased pig scramble



Tell the Bridge Foursquare Church to cancel their Greased Pig Scramble, and find a more humane way to celebrate Fourth of July. There are many other ways to have an old-fashioned celebration, and no pigs or any other animals need be harmed in order to have a good time. Stand up for the humane treatment of pigs.

Sign an online petition (copy/paste URL into your browser):

And/or better yet, make direct contact:

The Bridge Foursquare Church
900 Life Drive
Christiansburg VA
phone (540) 381-9766
[email protected]


The Bridge Foursquare Church in Christiansburg, Virginia, has scheduled a “Greased Pig Scramble” for their “Old-Fashioned” Fourth Of July celebration.

This Scramble will consist of large groups of people chasing, grabbing at, leaping on top of, and tackling pigs in pens. There will be a lot of noise, a lot of people, and the pigs will be terrified. Worse still, they will be crammed into trucks to get to and from the venue. These types of events often result in injuries for the pigs, such as broken limbs, and even broken backs.

Pigs are highly intelligent, social animals, who are not used to screaming crowds or being chased. They can be trained, are often kept as pets, and are very loyal creatures. To subject them to being chased and tackled, ultimately resulting in injuries, is cruelty to the highest degree.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!