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California State Land Commission: Protect Whales

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Originally Posted: September 12, 2012

California State Land Commission: Protect Whales...Halt the Central Coastal California Seismic Imaging Project



The environmental impact survey reports that fish, whales, dolphins and many other sea creatures will be injured, deafened or even killed from PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) decision to start seismic mapping this November. The Seismic Imaging Project entails blasting 18 underwater cannons every 15-20 seconds, 24 hours a day for 33 days.

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Jennifer Deleon, Project Manager
California State Lands Commission
100 Howe Avenue, Suite 100-South
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone (916) 574-0748
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The blasts send shock-waves into the earths crust which will supply data to create 3-D images of multiple earthquake faults near Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. The project will test whether further precautions are necessary to prevent a nuclear meltdown in the event of an earthquake, not unlike the 2011 nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.

Here is how the environmental impact report for the project describes it:

“The offshore component of the Project would consist of operating a geophysical survey 29 vessel, its associated survey equipment, and support/monitoring vessels . … The survey would be conducted along the central coast from approximately Cambria to Guadalupe (including marine protected areas around Cambria and elsewhere). … 18 active air guns ... would discharge once every 15 to 20 seconds.”

In other words, huge underwater canons would blast ear-shattering sounds under the water in an area from Guadalupe to Marin County. (These same measures are used to search for offshore oil reserves — coincidence?)

The environmental impact report indicates these tests would kill or injure marine mammals, including seals, dolphins, whales and otters. They could make them go deaf which would mean a lingering death. Already depleted fishing resources would be impacted. Seabirds would be affected as well, with little or no way of mitigating the impacts. Migratory birds would be affected as the tests would go on 24 hours a day and lights at night would be required. Air quality would be impacted and the project would contribute to climate change.

The ocean is our most precious resource. If the life of the ocean does not matter then neither do our lives. Some few persons stand to make lots of money from this outrageous project. PG&E will pass on the costs to us, the consumers. We and all life in the ocean and the land around us stand to lose. And for what?

The project will not prevent the next earthquake. And if it happens and Diablo crashes, so do we. Think of the economic impact of such a disaster. A recent issue of The Economist has on its front cover a statement that says the dream of nuclear power has become a nightmare. It is time to put our resources into safe energy and abandon nuclear power. Please sign this petition AND write your comments against this outrage.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!