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Cattle Exploitation

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Wishful Thinking

When we think of cattle, or cows, or calves, we picture a calf like Norman, above...

...or Hugo eating some hay...

...or Opie relaxing in a snow-covered pasture...

...or these cattle enjoying the pastureland at Farm Sanctuary

What can I do?

Please Help Our Efforts

See the movie Cow Murder

See the movie Branding and Tagging Dairy Cows

See the movie 4000 Cows Are Slaughtered Per Hour

How can I help stop the pain and suffering?

Go Vegan!

(1) Don't eat animals or their by-products (meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, cheese, milk).

(2) Don't wear or use animal products (fur, fur trim, leather, skins, wool, silk).

(3) Tell others why you have made this compassionate choice.

Always be peaceful and polite when expressing your feelings.

Speak out against all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty.

Refer others to our website so they can see for themselves.

Write letters to editors of newspapers, to broadcasters, and to elected officials. - Animals deserve the legal rights not to be used, exploited, and destroyed by humans.

Be a believable witness!

Give only to compassionate and cruelty-free organizations.

(1) Charities that do not test on animals or use animals for research.

(2) Environmental organizations that don't believe in hunting.

(3) Before you give, check carefully to see where their money goes.

(4) Don't be a "meanie greenie.

Buy only cruelty-free makeup, toiletries, and household products.

(1) Products that contain no animal by-products or ingredients.

(2) Products that are not tested on animals.

(3) Educate yourself.

Always adopt companion animals.  Do not buy them from pet shops or breeders.

Always spay and neuter companion animals.  Prevent over-population.

Support only cruelty-free entertainment with no animal acts, rodeos, or racing.

Speak out against blood sports (hunting, fishing, trapping, bull fighting and other animal fighting).

Always set the example for compassionate and peaceful living.  Educate yourself.  Keep improving.  Ask others to join you in your efforts.

For more information on what you can do to help animals, please see:
Animal Rights Activism
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(Cattle - Dairy - 01) This is a photo of an intensive dry-lot dairy operation, where the cows live in manure-laden holding pens. The food is brought to them. They have no opportunity to graze in a pasture. Apparently, some humans think they can "improve" on God's way of feeding cattle.
(Cattle - Dairy - 02) This photo was taken inside a "milking parlor" where cows are milked and fed a high energy diet. Up until recently, this food contained the processed remains of other animals, which led to mad cow disease. God designed cattle to eat only plant foods, but some humans thought they knew better.
(Cattle - Dairy - 03) These cows are hooked up to electric milking machines. This happens two or three times a day, and many cows are "pushed" to produce 10 times more milk than is natural. This is an example of how the love of money leads to all sorts of evil (1 Timothy 6:10).
(Cattle - Dairy - 04) This is a closer view of a cow hooked up to an electric milking machine. In order for cows to produce milk, they have to be kept pregnant.
(Cattle - Dairy - 05) This is an overcrowded intensive factory farming dairy operation, where the cows are forced to lie down in their own feces. This means that the feces get on the cows' udders, and if not properly cleaned before milking, some of the feces and bacteria get into the milk.
(Cattle - Dairy - 06) This cow has some form of udder ailment, which appears to be quite common in the dairy industry. According to our sources, farmers continue to milk cows like this one, and most of their milk is considered drinkable. We can only imagine how painful this must be.
(Cattle - Dairy - 07) Even on farms where cows are permitted to graze in the pasture, they are not always properly cared for. Note the hugely distended udder, which is obviously quite painful.
(Cattle - Dairy - 08) The udder on this cow is so distended that she has to spread her legs apart, and she even defecates on her swollen udder because it extends so far to the rear. We also surmise that her pain is so great that she can't even lie down, as the other cow is doing. If farming causes animals to suffer, then we shouldn't be farming them.
(Cattle - Dairy - 09) It is hard to imagine how this farmer can avoid getting some of the feces and bacteria coating this cow from getting into the milk.
(Cattle - Dairy - 10) This is Opie (whose picture is also in the left column) when he was left for dead at a New York stockyard. Opie's pregnant mother was taken to the stockyard and gave birth there. In this photo, Opie is only a few hours old, still wet from birth. His temperature was too low to read on the thermometer. Opie was rescued and taken to Farm Sanctuary, but others are left to die.


(Cattle - Veal - 01) Since cows cannot produce milk unless they have calves every year, approximately one half will be males, and males don't produce milk. Most of the male calves are taken away from their mothers in two or three days and chained in crates so they cannot move and exercise. Then at approximately four months of age they are killed to satisfy the human lust for veal.
(Cattle - Veal - 02) These gentle living souls are deprived of their mothers' love. God created cattle to have an intense bond between a mother and her child, just as He did with us; and by forcibly breaking this bond, humans cause great mourning and feelings of loss. This is evil! Every person who eats veal contributes to this evil.
(Cattle - Veal - 03) These calves are confined in crates that are only two feet wide, so that the calves can barely move, in order to prevent the development of any muscle tone that might toughen their flesh. Furthermore, God brought every animal He created to Adam to give it a name, just as we give names to our children and our companion animals. But these calves are deprived of that compassionate gesture; they are given numbers only.
(Cattle - Veal - 04) This is a veal shed where the calves are chained by the neck to keep them from moving out of their short-crates. They have only enough slack in the chain to allow them to lie down and stand up. Only humans can devise such evil ways to treat someone else's children.
(Cattle - Veal - 05) Why do factory farming operations confine millions of calves this way every year? They do it for money: so that the farmers make money and those who eat veal can buy it for less money. This is why the Bible tells us that the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil (1 Timothy 6:10), so that we would turn away from such evil, as evidenced by this photo, and not compound it.
(Cattle - Veal - 06) By chaining the calf's neck to the front of the crate, the factory farmers prevent the calves from doing little more than lying down and turning their heads to look back at the photographer in hope that he or she will free them from their torment.
(Cattle - Veal - 07) This is another look at the rear of the veal stalls. Note how the calves are forced to lie down in their own feces. Why do so many humans enjoy eating someone else's babies? If they enjoy eating the veal, then they must also enjoy having the calves tormented. To us, this is sadistic!
(Cattle - Veal - 08) It's no wonder that this calf has such a forlorn look. He has known only cruelty from the day of his birth, and that's all he will know until the day of his death at four months of age. Every piece of veal that a person eats says that they support this kind of abuse.
(Cattle - Veal - 09) Just in the process of lying down, this calf has stretched his neck chain to its limits. He never knows any comfort! This is an abomination before God. At least in the Bible, if a person did eat a calf, the calf was allowed to grow up with his mother and enjoy his short life. Even that small comfort has been denied the calves of today.
(Cattle - Veal - 10) We constantly hear others say that people are basically "good". The only way a person could state such a falsehood is by denying the truth. To treat a calf this way is evil. Therefore, to eat his flesh is equally evil, because it condones the farmers' actions by saying, in effect: "Give me more of the cruelly treated calves' flesh to eat!"
(Cattle - Veal - 11) To allow any living being to live under these conditions is wrong. To force any living soul to live like this is an atrocity. Stop contributing to this holocaust! Stop eating animals and their by-products!
(Cattle - Veal - 12) Some people question us about the harm their using dairy products does to animals. Veal, milk, and cheese are all by-products of the dairy industry. These products come to people's tables through enormous suffering and death.
(Cattle - Veal - 13) This calf had been disemboweled at a Pennsylvania stockyard where he was left to suffer in agony. The stockyard workers refused to humanely euthanize him. To us, this is just another example of how cruel this industry is. As the Bible tells us in Proverbs 12:10: "The righteous man has regard for the life of his beast, But the compassion of the wicked is cruel."
(Cattle - Veal - 14) This is a dead pile of calves behind a veal farm. Because of the low iron diet and unsanitary crowded conditions, the calves are quite vulnerable to disease. From our understanding of Biblical teachings, this industry is evil, and everyone who eats veal, contributes to this atrocity. And remember, if there was no demand for dairy products, these calves would not have been born to suffer and die.
(Cattle - Veal - 15) These are downed calves at a stockyard where they were awaiting transport to slaughter. They are a testimony to the abomination of this farmed animal industry, and everyone who eats animals or their by-products contributes to this evil.
(Cattle - Veal - 16) This is a veal factory farming operation where the calves live outdoors in little sheds. To us this may be a tiny step of improvement over the enclosed barns, but it is still extremely cruel. Our hope and prayer is that this industry ceases to exist, and it will when people show some compassion and stop eating veal.
(Cattle - Veal - 17) This is a closer look at these tiny sheds that house each calf. They can see the great outdoors that God has provided for them, but they can never enjoy it.
(Cattle - Veal - 18) The tiny sheds and huge amount of suffering go on and on. These calves had only a taste of their mothers' love before they were taken away, but it was just enough to cause deep mourning and a sense of loss.


(Cattle - Beef - 01) This cow or steer was once a sweet young calf like Norman and Hugo; but now in a small slaughterhouse, he or she has been shot in the head and is being hoisted up with chains. This once living, breathing, feeling, and yes, loving animal has been reduced to a commodity.
(Cattle - Beef - 02) Once the slaughterhouse workers hoist this formerly living soul up, they slit his or her throat with a knife and let the blood run into the drum.
(Cattle - Beef - 03) The blood flows like water from a faucet! If it bothers most people to think that in some part of the world they eat dogs and cats, whom they love, and it is so easy to love calves like Norman and Hugo, then where is the line drawn that it's all right to eat this animal and not that one They are all living souls, just as the Bible teaches us.
(Cattle - Beef - 04) Then these slaughterhouse workers begin to cut the head off this once stately animal who wanted to live as much as you do.
(Cattle - Beef - 05) The slaughterhouse workers continue their bloody work. Death is so cheap to most people. And violent death has a way of rubbing off on all life, whether human or non-human. Until humans stop killing animals, they will continue killing each other.
(Cattle - Beef - 06) The head of this bovine has been cut off and thrown in the corner, while his or her body continues to drain blood into the barrel.
(Cattle - Beef - 07) Then the cadaver is lowered to this rack where the hooves are cut off. The dismemberment continues! How can so many people say they wholly love God, when they don't extend that love to His other created beings? We find that hard to understand. When we were "born again" (John 3:3, 5) our love overflowed to the whole of creation.
(Cattle - Beef - 08) These slaughterhouse workers then begin the skinning process. When compared to the commercial production line slaughterhouses, where we understand about 5% of the animals are not properly stunned and are dismembered and skinned alive, this slaughterhouse is quite mild. But they all market death!
(Cattle - Beef - 09) Then they begin hoisting this animal again to complete the skinning process. If there is no death in heaven (Revelation 21:4), and Jesus taught us to pray, "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven," (Matthew 6:10) then why do so many people want to promote more death?
(Cattle - Beef - 10) The rest of this once living soul's skin is being pulled off. The promoters of death have another victim. However, we need to remember that these promoters of death are not just the people in the cattle and slaughterhouse industry; they also include the consumers who drive this industry with their demand for flesh.
(Cattle - Beef - 11) Next, the slaughterhouse workers slit open this cow or steer's body cavity. They are systematically reducing a once living being's body to a commodity. There really isn't any difference between what is going on here and the photos (in this series) of a Chinese market where they are doing the same thing to dogs. Death is death! The only reason someone might think there is a difference, is because they love one animal more than another.
(Cattle - Beef - 12) This cadaver has been split open from one end to the other. He or she is being prepared for burial in several people's stomachs. No one will bring flowers in his or her memory. All they will present is steak sauce to cover the taste of death.
(Cattle - Beef - 13) Then they remove all the inner organs to leave only the shell of what once was a living soul. The Hebrew words for living soul are "neh-fesh khah-yawh", which is exactly what God called the cattle (Genesis 1:24) and all the other animals and humans He created. How long are people going to hide from this truth?
(Cattle - Beef - 14) Then the hollow shell of this animal is sawn in two. The life, and joy, and love, and fear, and pain, and suffering, and death is slowly and methodically being "sanitized" out of this once living being, until all that is left is "beef".
(Cattle - Beef - 15) All that remains is the head lying in the corner of the slaughterhouse floor. Is beef "real food" or "real death" We believe it's the latter!
(Cattle - Beef - 16) This a still from the undercover video taken by a PETA investigator at AgriProcessors kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa. "The cow was loaded into a machine that resembles a large metal tube. His head stuck out of the front, then a metal bar clamped under his neck and forced his head upwards and back, cocked in an awkward and painful-looking position. The entire machine rotated, turning the cow upside-down. This process seemed to terrify him—his eyes were wide with fright—I imagine because he had never been in such a helpless position.
(Cattle - Beef - 17) This a still from the undercover video taken by a PETA investigator at AgriProcessors kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa. "The entire machine rotated, turning the cow upside-down. This process seemed to terrify him—his eyes were wide with fright—I imagine because he had never been in such a helpless position. The cow’s exposed neck was scrubbed with a hose and brush, then a rabbi came out of a small room and slit the cow’s throat. Another worker followed the rabbi and gouged a chunk of flesh out of the cow’s neck and then pulled his trachea or esophagus (I’m not sure which one) outside of his throat so that it hung down. Then the machine reverted the cow into an upright position. The trap door on the side opened up and the cow was dumped onto the floor, where another worker attached a chain to the animal’s ankle so that he could be hoisted into the air and sent down the line.
(Cattle - Beef - 18) This a still from the undercover video taken by a PETA investigator at AgriProcessors kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa. "Many cows were still alive and conscious when they came out of the tube and were slammed onto the floor. Their heads often hit the concrete with a sickening crack. I watched as one cow landed on his feet and started scrambling around with a shocked look on his face. The workers simply jumped behind their barricade and waited for him to collapse.
(Cattle - Beef - 19) This a still from the undercover video taken by a PETA investigator at AgriProcessors kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa. How can there be anything "kosher" about these atrocities, which go against all the precepts of God? It nothing but demonic sadism! The rabbis in Israel must have agreed, for they also condemned this barbaric operation.
(Cattle - Beef - 20) This a still from the undercover video taken by a PETA investigator at AgriProcessors kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa. "The first time I saw a cow stagger to his feet and walk around with his trachea dangling outside of his body, I thought to myself, this can’t be happening—but after several days I knew better...The suffering and cruelty I witnessed didn’t phase anyone on that killing floor."
(Cattle - Beef - 21) This a still from the undercover video taken by a PETA investigator at AgriProcessors kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa. "I just wish that people who eat meat could stand where I did for a day and see cows whose eyes are wide with fright have their throats slit and tracheas gouged out...There is no justification for the cruelty I documented in that slaughterhouse. The presence of the USDA didn’t have any effect, nor did the presence of the rabbis. These animals were failed by both religion and [government] regulations."
(Cattle - Beef - 22) This a still from the undercover video taken by a PETA investigator at AgriProcessors kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa. "A cow stood up after being dumped on the floor and went into the corner. They managed to kill one or two more cows while he lay there moving around trying to stand up. He continually moved his nearly severed head around … as his legs were also making an effort to stand."
(Cattle - Beef - 23) The dark colored cow or steer in this video still is conscious and struggling to get free of his or her pain and suffering. This is proof that there is no such thing as humane slaughter. Neither is there any sign of compassion, which in our opinion makes the whole operation evil.
(Cattle - Beef - 24) By comparing this video still with the previous one, it is easy to see that the dark colored cow or steer is conscious and struggling from his or her fear and pain. Every time a person eats beef or wears leather, they are contributing to these atrocities and saying with their forks and dollars that they approve of the cruelty.

Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter

(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 01)  This and the following photos are from one of the world's largest animal sacrifices which took place at the Gadhimai 'festival' in Bara district, Nepal.  A lone living baby stands beside his or her slaughtered mother in the killing arena.
(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 02)  The killing field! An estimated 16,000 water buffaloes were killed in total around the temple. Many were publicly beheaded by 250 licensed butchers in an arena.  There is nothing Godly about this atrocity. See the movie 4000 Cows Are Slaughtered Per Hour.

(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 03)  This is another photo of the slaughter victims.  People here in the United States may think that slaughtering 16,000 head of cattle in a single say is worse than anything they could imagine, but they'd be wrong, because in the United States about this many cattle are slaughtered every day in just 4 hours to the gods of lust and greed.  Go Vegan and end the killing! See the movie 4000 Cows Are Slaughtered Per Hour.
(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 04) Butchers preparing to kill the cattle. The killings were promoted and presented as a spectacle - many butchers and onlookers were actually laughing during it all. One butcher, Ramlal Mahato, is quoted as saying: 'The more animals I kill, the more satisfied I feel. I am helping an ancient tradition to survive.'  The only tradition here is a satanic one, and the proof is in the fact that the people laughed and enjoyed the killing and bloodshed.  It has been said that if slaughterhouses had glass walls, people would stop eating flesh, but they're wrong, for when it is open for viewing, people laugh at the suffering because their hearts are seared.
(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 05) A butcher in the process of chopping off the head of this baby water buffalo.  In the background we can see the crowd of spectators and the hundreds of victims who will be killed.

(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 06) A butcher with a blood stained sword resting on his shoulder get ready to kill another innocent calf.  Why do human beings have to be so blood-thirsty?  Don't go along with the cruelty. Stop supporting all animal products with your money.  Go Vegan!

(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 07) This blood-stained butcher is in the process of cutting off the head of a baby water buffalo.  Behind him, another man appears to be carrying the severed head of a baby goat by an ear, which is one of the more than 50,000 goats that were slaughtered in the vicinity of the temple.  When we consider that our religious institutions are supporting this and other forms of blood-letting, it is no wonder that we have so much violence in the world.
(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 08) This is another photo of a butcher cutting off the head of a baby water buffalo, which is being done in full view of the other animals.
(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 09) Take a closer look at the severing of this calf's head, and consider the fact that this is happening to more than 50 billion other land animals every year.  Stop the blood shed!  Stop the cruelty! Stop eating, wearing, and using animal products! Go Vegan! Stop the human indifference to the suffering and exploitation of animals by speaking out to everyone you can.
(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 10) These butchers are getting ready to kill the baby water buffalo between them and the wall.  If you think that this is horrible, which it is, just remember that these butchers are no different than our own slaughterhouse workers and those who farm animals; and the spectators on the wall are no different than all the people who eat, wear, and use animals. They all turn a blind eye to the suffering of animals. Compassion starts with each and every one of us, and until it does, suffering, violence, and death will continue.  Make a difference.  Go Vegan!
(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 11) We can only imagine the fear and terror that these baby water buffalo feel as they watch the killing of their fellow babies.
(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 12) The fact that the killing and blood-shed is a public spectacle, is proof of the hardness of heart of the people.
(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 13) This still living baby water buffalo looks down upon the decapitated bodies of the other babies, and must realize that he or she will be next to die.  We know these baby water buffalo will be in heaven, but we have doubts about the humans.
(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 14) Another baby looks down upon the horror of the slaughter, and the smell of death, realizing that he or she will be next.

(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 15) We can only imagine what is going through the mind of this still living baby as he or she looks intently upon bloodied neck and headless body of once living and breathing fellow baby.  Stop the killing and bloodshed of billions of animals every year.  Go vegan!


(Cattle - Bullfighting - 01) Bullfighting is the "sport" of sadists. This is true of both the participants and spectators, for they all take pleasure in the pain and suffering of a living being. Thus, it is evil and an abomination before God.
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 02) This bull is so weakened from blood loss and from being stabbed, that it is having trouble standing. He struggles to stand because he wants to live, but the more powerful humans have denied him that right. Such abuse of power is evil!
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 03) This matador stabs the bull repeatedly in his shoulders to weaken and torment the bull. This stabbing is not fatal, but causes the bull to suffer and bleed. To us, for someone to enjoy this "activity" is proof of his or her depravity.
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 04) It should be obvious to everyone that this bull is in pain. The Bible teaches us (Proverbs 12:10) that "A righteous man has regard for the life of his beast, But the compassion of the wicked is cruel." Therefore, anyone who participates in bullfighting, or watches it for pleasure, is by definition a wicked person.
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 05) Probably the most incredulous thing about bullfighting is that so many churches and pastors can sit back and say nothing about this evil practice. There should be a worldwide outrage emanating from the churches, but there is not. Could it be that the churches are filled with many wicked and sadistic people?
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 06) There should be no doubt in anyone's mind about the fact that this and other bulls are systematically tortured to death for human entertainment. This is evil!
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 07) In our opinion, all humans who torment and mistreat animals are cowards, as the hiding matador proves. One reason they do these evil things to animals is that the animals cannot speak for themselves. Keeping silent about these evils is also the sign of a coward.
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 08) This mocking, prideful pose of the matador reminded us of Proverbs 8:13:
"The fear of the LORD is to hate evil;
Pride and arrogance and the evil way
And the perverted mouth, I hate."
Once again the bullfighting entertainment industry proves itself to be truly evil. And the people love it!
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 09) A sword has been stuck into this bull by one of the three sadistic cowards who are standing around watching him bleed to death. Blood can be seen running out his mouth and nose. Evil is not a strong enough word to describe the character of these people or those who enjoy this blood "sport."
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 10) To deliberately cause this kind of pain, suffering, and death can only be described as satanic, because it is so counter to the way the Bible teaches us to treat animals.
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 11) The depravity of the human mind is evidenced by the people who come to bullfights to be entertained. Watching a bull like this one being tortured to death should make a moral person sick to their stomach.
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 12) Blood pours from the mouth of this tortured bull, as his tormenter and cheering encouragers watch. To us, this is nothing but premeditated murder, and all who participate and support this "activity" are co-conspirators.
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 13) As long as a society believes that such evil is good, they will never know true love and peace; for they are doing exactly the opposite of what we are told in Psalm 34:14:
Depart from evil and do good;
Seek peace and pursue it.

(Cattle - Bullfighting - 14) Another evil coward on a blindfolded horse stabs a bull with his lance. They blindfold the horse so that he or she can't see what he or she is involved in and revolt. The horse is obviously more intelligent and compassionate than the rider.
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 15) After torturing this bull for a while, the evil and sadistic matador takes aim with his sword. He still won't kill the bull outright, but let's him suffer a while longer from the fatal stroke by bleeding to death. It is no wonder that after Noah sacrificed animals after the Flood, God said, "...the intent of man's heart is evil from his youth..." (Genesis 8:21) Instead of trying to show God that we can follow the teachings of love and compassion, most people have followed the course of death and destruction.

(Cattle - Bullfighting - 16) To the joy of the evil onlookers, the bull is now too weak to stand and falls over.

(Cattle - Bullfighting - 17) And the bull still desperately tries to cling to life before his evil tormentors.

(Cattle - Bullfighting - 18) In this photo we see the tormenting of another bull and the endangering of a horse. This is just another example of human depravity.

(Cattle - Bullfighting - 19) Bullfighting is an example of human pomp and evil spectacle for evil onlookers.
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 20) The ghoulish practice of bullfighting continues with the matador "proudly" holding up an ear and the end of the bull's tail. If anyone is curious about the sin of the "boastful pride of life" that John tells us about in 1 John 2:16, this is what it looks like. It is evil!
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 21) There are few public events that reveal human depravity to the extent that bullfighting does. How people can become so ungodly that they cheer the torturing of an animal to death is almost beyond our comprehension.
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 22) This bull stumbles from a combination of pain, exhaustion, and loss of blood. This bull has done nothing to deserve such evil treatment. He has simply fallen victim to depraved people in a society that glorifies cruelty.
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 23) With a final cruel thrust, this gang of torturers and executioners finally decides to kill this nearly dead bull. They do this for the enjoyment of evil people who watch this abomination of human society.
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 24) Bullfighters are really cowards, despite their pretense of bravery. It's all part of an act to please an evil crowd of spectators. If this were not so, they wouldn't need to "soften-up" the bull by stabbing and bleeding him.
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 25) There really is little difference between the atrocities committed against the bulls in the arena and the way the majority of farmed animals are treated. The arena's cheering crowds are no different from those who rave over the body parts on their plates. It is all evil, and it is time that it stops!
(Cattle - Bullfighting - 26) In one final attempt to stop his torturer from hurting him any more, this bull gores him in the groin. To quote Linda Beane from Animals in Print, "The bull stops here!"


(Cattle - Rodeo - Bull Riding - 01) The shocking device is an easily concealed device. Although small, the electric prod delivers 5,000 volts of extreme pain. Rodeo animal abusers often shock their victims repeatedly before releasing them, driving them wild with torment. SHARK offers money to rodeo people to take a shock from the same device they use on their victims. These supposedly macho "cowboys" always refuse!
(Cattle - Rodeo - Bull Riding - 02) Like the victims of bullrings, the huge size and fierce appearance of a bull makes him the perfect target for animal abusers. Rodeos know they can fool many people into believing that the bull is impervious to pain. Nothing could be further from the truth. Furthermore, bulls were never ridden in ranch work. In this photo we can see that there is no shortage of either animal abuse or idiocy at a rodeo.
(Cattle - Rodeo - Bull Riding - 03) Notice how tightly the flank or bucking strap is tied.

(Cattle - Rodeo - Calf Roping - 01) It is not hard for anyone with a brain and a heart to understand what is wrong with roping a baby animal, body slamming it to the ground and tying it legs so it cannot move. If this were done to a puppy or kitten, the offender would be charged with crimes and likely jailed. The violent contortion of the calf's back during roping may result in injury or death.

(Cattle - Rodeo - Calf Roping - 02) After having his tail painfully twisted and raked over a fence rail, this calf ran out of the chute at top speed to escape his torment. The calf is roped so violently she becomes airborne before slamming into the ground. This process can break the calf's neck, back or legs.
(Cattle - Rodeo - Calf Roping - 03) After hitting the ground, the contestant runs to the calf, picks her up and body slams her again, knocking the wind out of her so he can tie her legs.
(Cattle - Rodeo - Calf Roping - 04) This innocent calf is about to be slammed back down to the ground. This is a perfect example of how humans justify their cruelty simply because they have the power to do so. Help us stop this cruelty. Stop Rodeos!
(Cattle - Rodeo - Calf Roping - 05) The calf, eyes bulging in terror, gasps for air with the rope stretched tight. Horses used in calf roping are trained to keep the rope pulled tight, or even to pulled the calf on the ground, just so they cannot break free. If they can breathe, the calves cry pitifully, as you would expect from any terrified baby.

(Cattle - Rodeo - Calf Roping - 06) This is another photo of a terrified calf being cruelly slammed down on the ground.

(Cattle - Rodeo - Calf Roping - 07) This photo of a calf being roped was taken by Shark at the Starbucks sponsored Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. Contact Starbucks to complain about their cruel rodeo sponsorship! Email: or phone (800) 235-2883 Mon – Fri 5 AM – 6 PM (PST), Sat – Sun 6 AM – 3 PM (PST)

(Cattle - Rodeo - Calf Roping - 08) This photo of a calf being roped was taken by Shark at the Starbucks sponsored Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. Contact Starbucks to complain about their cruel rodeo sponsorship! Email: or phone (800) 235-2883 Mon – Fri 5 AM – 6 PM (PST), Sat – Sun 6 AM – 3 PM (PST)

(Cattle - Rodeo - Calf Roping - 09) This photo of a calf being roped was taken by Shark at the Starbucks sponsored Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. Contact Starbucks to complain about their cruel rodeo sponsorship! Email: or phone (800) 235-2883 Mon – Fri 5 AM – 6 PM (PST), Sat – Sun 6 AM – 3 PM (PST)

(Cattle - Rodeo - Calf Roping - 10) This photo of a calf being roped was taken by Shark at the Starbucks sponsored Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. From the way the calf's tongue is hanging out, it is obvious that the calf is choking. Contact Starbucks to complain about their cruel rodeo sponsorship! Email: or phone (800) 235-2883 Mon – Fri 5 AM – 6 PM (PST), Sat – Sun 6 AM – 3 PM (PST)

(Cattle - Rodeo - Calf Roping - 11) This photo of a calf being roped was taken by Shark at the Starbucks sponsored Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. The way this calf's head is sliding along the ground, doubled over the back with the body above, it is obvious that this calf is in pain, if not being seriously injured. Contact Starbucks to complain about their cruel rodeo sponsorship! Email: or phone (800) 235-2883 Mon – Fri 5 AM – 6 PM (PST), Sat – Sun 6 AM – 3 PM (PST)
(Cattle - Rodeo - Steer Wrestling - 01) Steer wrestling has no place in ranch history. It never happened on the ranch. It is an abusive event developed simply to amuse people of questionable character and intelligence.
(Cattle - Rodeo - Steer Wrestling - 02) The rodeo contestant jumps from his horse onto the head and neck of the running steer. He twists the steer's head around until the victim falls to the ground. Broken necks are often the result, although many other injuries may also occur.
(Cattle - Rodeo - Steer Wrestling - 03) This photo gives us another look at the cruelty involved in twisting the steer's head and neck to the point where he can no longer stand up and falls to the ground.


(Cattle - Torture - 01) One of the most savage rituals of cruelty toward animals is Brazil’s Farra do Boi. Farra do boi, loosely translated as "Festival of the Oxen" or "Ox Fun Days," involves the torture-killing of several hundred oxen each year in more than thirty communities throughout the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. This evil festival begins with starving the oxen for two days, with food in plain sight but out of reach.
(Cattle - Torture - 02) This is a banner depicting the depravity of human beings as they systematically torture cattle for up to three days; and from the looks on the humans' faces, they do it for fun. To take enjoyment in another's pain and suffering is evil.
(Cattle - Torture - 03) Youths are tormenting this innocent animal who has no place to escape. The evil acts of the the tormentors' parents have carried over to the next generation.
(Cattle - Torture - 04) A crowd watches as these young men torment this animal on the beach. They hit and pull on the tail and ears to try to get the animal on the ground. It is said that this festival originally started as part of a religious celebration before Easter. They would pretend that the oxen were Judas or the devil. The only thing the participants were doing is following the devil and all his evilness, as do these people today, who no longer place a religious significance on their torturous "fun."
(Cattle - Torture - 05) The whole town watched as this mob tortured cattle for three or more days. The only escape the cattle have from their pain and suffering is death.

(Cattle - Torture - 06) The look of fear can plainly be seen on this bull's face as these youth try to trip him with a rope, so that they can more easily beat the animal when he is down. When evil is left unchecked, and even encouraged, as is the case here, there seems to be no end to the extent of human cruelty. We believe that most, if not all, of this cruelty stems from the fact that humans kill and eat animals.

(Cattle - Torture - 07) This mutilated bull is still alive after having his legs chopped off. These acts are pure evil and an abomination before God. The greatest tragedy of all is that the Church, who are in a position to end this atrocity, haven't stopped this depraved cruelty; thus they have become a part of it, and assume the responsibility for all the souls involved who are following Satan to hell.
(Cattle - Torture - 08) Sometimes the bulls try to escape their tormentors by running into the ocean, where some of them drown. Others are pulled back to shore to be tortured some more.
(Cattle - Torture - 09) In their attempt to escape, sometimes these terrified bulls swim out into the open ocean and drown.
(Cattle - Torture - 10) After days of being tortured, this bull is too weak and exhausted to get to his feet. In this photo, he is being bled to death. His body parts were them divided up among the town's people. Until we stop regarding animals as non-beings to be played with and killed, without regard for their lives or feelings, these atrocities will continue. Stop the pain and suffering! Go Vegan!
(Cattle - Torture - 11) Rosa writes: Every year between the 26th and 29th of June in Coria, Extremadura, arguably the most backwards region of Spain when it comes to animal issues, a hapless bull is horribly tortured to death by the rabble. He is made to walk for hours while being tortured with darts, directed especially to his eyes and other delicate parts, until he gets so tired from the stress, the pain and the blood loss that he lays down to rest and that is when the barbarians fall on him and cut his testicles while he is still alive.
(Cattle - Torture - 12) Rosa continues: No-one that has a minimum of sensitivity or conscience can understand what moves humans to do things like this but they do, and it happens all over Spain and also in parts of Mexico, Brazil...while the authorities at best ignore it, at worst declare it of "cultural interest" and promote it! Most of these events are dedicated to saints from the Catholic church (Saint John for the Toros de Coria).
(Cattle - Torture - 13) We can understand why these hard hearted government officials and politicians support such cruelty: they are trying to buy votes, just as our politicians do when they kill innocent animals in hopes of buying the votes of the 4% of Americans who hunt. However, we can not understand how the church, particularly the Catholic Church, can sit "idly" by and support such ungodly and satanic torture, whether through their silence or actual support.
(Cattle - Torture - 14)  In Medinaceli, a picturesque town in the province of Soria, Spain, a "tradition" called "Toro Júbilo" brings shame on Spain. On the second weekend in November, balls of pitch (a sticky black substance made from tar or turpentine) will once again be stuck onto the horns of a bull and set on fire. The burning bull is called "Toro de Fuego" (literally "bull on fire").  Help stop this horrible practice by speaking out against this torture and all other forms of animal exploitation.
(Cattle - Torture - 15)  When the pitch is ignited, the bull is released onto the streets and can do nothing but run around in pain. The bull often smashes into walls in an attempt to douse the fire. The agony and terror the bull must suffer is unimaginable. These fiery balls can burn for hours, and they burn the bull's horns, body and eyes and cause tremendous stress – all the while, spectators cheer and run around the victim. This tradition is straight from hell and must be stopped!

(Cattle - Torture - 16)  This kind of ungodly practice could be easily stopped if the church and the government wanted to stop it, but because the are complacent in this event, they are just as guilty as the ones who set the fire and cheer.  And every priest who keeps silent about ending such practices, proves that he is really a child of Satan.


(Cattle - Transportation - 01) These cattle were crowded aboard a ship in 2003 for more than three days as they were transported from Australia to the Philippines. They hardly have room to lie down, and when they do, other cattle have trouble getting to whatever food and water may exist.
(Cattle - Transportation - 02) This is another photo of the crowded pens aboard the ship. Note the small, nearly empty trough and the problem the cattle have in trying to get to it. Only depraved humans would cause other beings to suffer in this manner.
(Cattle - Transportation - 03) When cattle do find a way to lie down, it's partially under other animals and in their feces. Human indifference to the suffering of animals must end. Stop the income that keeps this cruel industry in business. Don't eat meat!
(Cattle - Transportation - 04) This animal is also forced to lie down on the feces covered floor. The Bible teaches us that the people involved are wicked, because they have no regard for the welfare of their animals and treat them cruelly (Proverbs 12:10).
(Cattle - Transportation - 05) These cattle were forced to live 11 days aboard a ship that went to General Santos, Philippines. Note the hoof print on the one animal where another animal was forced to walk over him or her. Only evil human beings would subject animals to these conditions.
(Cattle - Transportation - 06) More crowded cattle lying in their feces and urine. An Animals' Angels investigator said, "The smell and ammonia is overpowering." Forcing animals to live this way is an abomination before God!