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The Fox

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In 2001, this mother fox and her family were our neighbors...

...momma lovingly raised her five children, two of whom are in this photo...

...and sometimes momma would stand on the roof of her home and we would just look at each other.  The Bible teaches us that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves.  If we truly love, we will do no harm.  See Our Neighbors the Foxes


(Fox - Fur - 02) This fox is being prepared for anal electrocution. The fox was pulled from his or her cage with a wire noose on a pole. Another person picks up the hind end of the fox by the tail, which is very painful and causes the fox to snarl and bite at anything within reach. The killers use this reaction to their advantage by putting a metal rod in the fox's mouth, which the fox bites down upon. The killers tightly clamp the now closed mouth and attach an electrical connection, as shown in this photo. After this, an electrode is forced into the rectum, and an electric current is applied until the fox is dead. Fur farmers prefer this method of killing because it fluffs out the fur.

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Photo from: Animals Voice Online