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From Kelvin Rapaport - 26 Nov 2003

Just checked your site.

Although it is heart wrenching it is also extremely educational.

I am myself an animal lover and quite disturbed about how these dogs are treated.

I fully understand the need for survival in third world countries but surely there must be more human ways to slaughter these animals.

Also where do people dream up these ideas that if an animal is executed painfully it will taste better ????

If it was not for people like you then we would not know what is going on in the world.

Take Care.

Kelvin Rapaport

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Kelvin:

Thank you for your email and comments. They are an encouragement to our efforts.

The interesting thing about providing proper nutrition to the third-world and elsewhere is that it takes 15 times more land to provide an animal based diet than it does to provide a plant based diet.

None of the pain and suffering in necessary.

In the Love of the Lord,


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