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From Me Me - 27 Nov 2003 

Regarding "The Dog - Research - 26." To believe that the 'grafting' of another dog's head onto another's is possible is ridiculous. Some animals are actually born like this.

And regarding

I believe that this site is obviously biased, prejudiced, and racist. It stereotypes all asians as being dog and cat eaters. This site only depicts the worst of cases, claiming that these atrocities are a frequent occurence. Bible scripture is quoted and taken completely out of context. While I do not approve of animal cruelty, I do remain an omnivore. I can accept the fact that the killing of animals for human consumption will never end as long as humanity exists. I do know that we can do something about animal cruelty, but to say that all animal consumption is evil? That's just outright absurd. And in response to a comment made about abundant vegetation: if there is that much vegetation to eat, why don't all omnivores and carnivores eat it? Because they are not designed/evolved/made (whichever your belief) to do so.

My apologies for any of whom I have offended.

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Me Me:

Thank you for your email.

The photo of the two-headed dog is real. The experiment actually took place. We remember seeing it in the news.

We are as far from being racist as anyone can be. We even host a Japanese site, produced by Japanese people, on which some of these same photos and similar comments are made. The problem is that dog eating had mostly been an Asian indulgence. In the West we make very similar comments about all other "food animals". None of these comments are based on ethnicity; they are directed against the evil people who abuse and torture animals, and those who support them or turn a blind eye.

In the Love of the Lord,


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