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From Anthony Sadecki - 1 Feb 2004

Dear Sirs,

This treatment of bunnies should be outlawed! God did not create such a simple loving animal to be taken advantage of. They are such a defenseless animal that it angers me to see such abuse. I can understand using them as meat but ONLY to be done in a painless way.

Jesus was a shepherd of sheep and of men. This work can come only from the devil!


Anthony Sadecki

Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Anthony:

Thank you for your email and expressions of concern for the rabbits.

Unfortunately, food animals are neither raised nor slaughtered humanely. The only way to stop the atrocities is to not support the companies that produce the products. We can do this by not buying them.

In the Love of the Lord,


Reply by Anthony

Dear Mary & Frank,

One of many problems with abuse of animals for food is that it is so socially accepted for research, or slaughterhouses, that the public turns a deaf ear to loving people reaching out to attempt to STOP the cruel treatment.

Yesterday my wife and I buried our pet male and female bunny rabbits. I nursed these beautiful animals over the past year because they contracted a parasite that left them functionally crippled. I bathed them and fed them specially almost daily in our home. They were happy to just lay and kiss each other, until I held them and loved them through the evening. I cried my eyes out until I came to grips with letting go and for them to be running around with our Lord and other family members in heaven!

Please keep getting out the message our Good Lord NEVER intended for us to condone this treatment of HIS animal kingdom. Thank you for listening to my problems.

Anthony Sadecki

Reply by Frank

Dear Anthony:

Our prayers are with you and your family over the death of your beloved companions.

Even though there are so many seemingly deaf ears, there are still many that do hear. We hear from them every day. We need to keep spreading the message of love and compassion, because we never know when someone is going to respond.

In the Love of the Lord,



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