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 From Rachel - 14 Feb 2004


Thank you for your ideas, I will try my hardest to change the world. I think it is wonderful how you have a website that tells people of the truth of animal cruelty. People really need to know about this. My friend, her mom, my mom and I really cried after we read your websites. But the one that hurt me most was the dog cruelty in Korea.

I was so hurt by the truth that I told everyone in my six different classes about it. They were hurt, but nobody is REALLY hurt unless they know the truth...which hurts. Well, haha, you know what I mean. They probably never knew a thing about this before. I think whoever tells more truth is a better person and you obviously must be a great person.

My friend and I already have an "association" about Stopping Animal Cruelty. (SAC). Maybe this will be an impact on the Koreans.

I was wondering, it would be fair if the Koreans stopped torturing dogs, but then for all we know, little 11 year old girls like me are in Korea, crying over the cows we kill. The saddest part is, dogs sense danger and have bigger brains than, like, turkeys or something. They actually feel the pain harder than some other animals.

If you want to, write back on this.


Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Rachel:

Thank you very much for your letter, and for all that you're doing.

You are correct, there really is no difference in which animal is killed for food. They all suffer and die.

Actually, pigs are more intelligent than dogs, but when you get to know any animal, on their own terms, you come to recognize them as unique individuals, who are aware of the world around them in very special ways.

In the Love of the Lord,


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