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 From Jenny - 19 Feb 2004

My name is Jenny from MN, USA. I came to this site because I was working on some college research papers dealing with my own topic "dog meat". I just simply glanced at this site and then it took me the entire afternoon to check those pictures out! I cried approximately five hours! I have a dog and had two rabbits before. I love dogs and care about them more than myself.

I couldn't stand the way the dumb people treat the dogs (tied their front legs backwards over their backs) God!!! I'm so pissed now!

I'm a meat eater. But I've only eaten chicken, fish, beef, and pork, nothing else. You are right. If we hate the Koreans just because they kill and eat dogs, then I should also be ashamed of myself for being a meat eater. From now on, I swear and promise I will NEVER EVER eat any meat, any animals again!

Ever since I recognized that Koreans, Chinese, and Philipinoes sell and eat dog meat, I start to hate all these kinds of people. I hate Koreans! I'm Chinese and I'm so ashamed of myself because I can't accept myself as Chinese. If sacrifice my life may trade all the animal peace, animal rights, and animal lives in the whole world, if everybody in the world promise not to harm any animals, I will be sure I'll kill myself or suffer as much pain as the poor animals did, immediately! Please. Let me suffer the pain for the poor animals, please break my bones, rip my skins off, drink my flesh and so on...

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Jenny:

Thank you so much for sending us your very impassioned and compassionate letter.

Sometimes, when we see all these atrocities, we become so angered and feel so helpless that we turn our frustrations inward upon ourselves. This doesn't help the animals. It actually hurts them, because the one thing the animal abusers fear most is public opinion turning against them.

If you want to stop the cruelty to animals:

Politely and peacefully tell as many other people as you can.

Ask people to join you in your efforts to stop animal cruelty.

Refer others to our web site so that they can see for themselves.

Write letters.

Set the example. Go vegan! (don't eat or wear animal products)

Every vegan saves the lives and ends the suffering of at least 6 animals every month (on the average).

We also have an extensive recipe section to help with recipe suggestions.  

In the Love of the Lord,


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