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 From H - 22 Feb 2004

Look at the date of this message. I'm sitting here in tears after seeing the photographs. I was searching for information about resident geese at a city park. The local Park Board has decided the wildlife must go because they want to construct a large picnic pavilion to seat 100. The wildlife droppings are a health hazard.

15 months ago the board destroyed their habitat, thinking they would leave. It didn't work. Now the Park Board has decided to starve them and refuse to allow any visitor to the park to feed them. We've had some very cold weather and they have no food. I'm very concerned about the resident Chinese White Geese. There is no other place to go and forage and the grass around the pond is dead and dry.

I had no idea this was happening and your photos are heart breaking.

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear H:

Thank you very much for writing and for your expressions of compassion.

Yes, the photos are horrible, but it's the only way we know to let people really see the truth about is happening to animals. Until people become fully aware and speak out, the cruelty won't stop.

We're not experts in the control of geese, but we do know that they don't present the hazard that some people want us to believe they do. You might want to contact the Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese.  They should be able to help you.

In the Love of the Lord,


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