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 From Kelly Brewer - 5 Apr 2004


Gosh!!!! I can't believe it. I come on here to find some information about geese eggs. I saw a site that said something about oiling or addling. At first I thought it was for a beneficial purpose, but realized that wasn't the case.

When I clicked on your site I saw these horrific, sad, and unreal pictures of geese. The more I read, the sadder I got. I found myself crying as soon as I started understanding what it was that they were doing. I kept telling myself "this has got to be something that is ok to do." I was trying to rationalize how I felt about the pictures. But when I got a little further down, it was quite noticeable that the geese were being tortured. They were force fed with these huge tubes that I couldn't even fit down my throat. They lay right in their own vomit and nobody even cleaned it up. Isn't there room for disease in all those feces and vomit? They have no room to even turn around in their cage.

How is this going on? What can we do to stop it? I have 4 geese and they are about to hatch about 21 eggs total. I can't imagine raising those geese in cages like that. So I am writing to you to ask how can someone like me help? I don't have any money. Maybe my loud mouth can take the place of that :)

Please email me back if there is anything I can do to help.


Kelly Brewer

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Kelly:

Thank you very much for your impassioned letter and offer to help.

The forced feeding of ducks and geese for the production of Foie Gras only occurs in two US states: California and New York, which allows us to focus our efforts to bring this atrocity to an end.

There are several things you can do:

Tell as many other people as you can about this cruelty and refer them to our web site so that they can see for themselves and hopefully want to help as you do.

Write letters to the editor of your newspapers.

Write your senators and representatives to ban the forced feeding of ducks and geese and the production of Foie Gras in the United States, and to ban its import from other countries.

Check supermarkets and restaurants to see if they sell or serve Foie Gras, and complain to the owners/managers.

Thank you again for your offer to help.

In the Love of the Lord,


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