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From N. T. - 19 May 2004

I was looking through a few sites, and stumbled upon The Pig - All Creatures Animal Exploitation Photo Gallery. The pictures seemed interesting enough for me to look at the site more closely. Going through, and reading each little hand note next to every picture, I've made my own conclusion on my personal thoughts. I, if you might even be slightly interested yourself, am nothing more then a sixteen year old sophomore student, who is one of the many active member of the FFA (Future Farmers of America)

Now given where I stand with that I just said, I do believe that some of these pictures are of the "inhumane." But comments like quote "The only way this suffering will end is if humans say 'No!' to eating these animals and their children. " end quote, cannot stand for all that raise and sell swine for meat consumption. Did you ever bother looking for pictures of FFA animals or 4H animals? Because I don't seem to see any of such kind, and those animals are eaten too. Maybe the FFA and 4H treat their animals too humane?

I, like every member in the program, raise and sell our swine for not just the profit, but for the gain of knowledge and experience. We are not a bunch of money craving "evil" people. Last year I raised a pig until the age of six months, and it made weight to 236lbs. I put a lot of work and care into that animal, and it lived a rather comfortable life, even in its last few days of living.

I would feed and clean up its pen everyday, and bathe it to a cleanliness often. All members of the FFA and 4H do the same. Our meat that we raise is of a high quality, and the swine suffer not at all. Your site seems to have focused only on one region of where meat product swine come from, please give all information before you start commenting on such "evil" people farmers are. I do believe you could learn something if you studied or talked to other students from FFA or 4H. We are all normal children and teens, no demonic origins in our blood for wanting to be of such programs. I as a Christian and believer of God, thought that I should stand up for those that are in the right in swine meat production.

A Person Of Thought,


Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear NT:

Thank you for your letter.

From our experience with FFA and 4H young people we've encountered at county fairs, many are quite sad about knowing that their beloved animal would soon die, and many cry. You seem to touch on the close relationship you had with your pig, but don't mention any emotional attachment. As a Christian, don't you see that forming emotional attachments to other living beings and then sending them off to their death causes a hardening of the heart?

The problem in most commercial farmed animal operations is that the farmers no longer have any feelings of compassion for the pain and suffering of the animals and have reduced them to nothing more than "production units." Since about 95% of all animal products on the market come from such operations, we hope you understand why we have taken the stand we have.

Think about what is happening in your industry and consider the meaning of Proverbs 12:10:
A righteous man has regard for the life of his beast,
But the compassion of the wicked is cruel. NASB

In the Love of the Lord,


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