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From Zach Lawlor - 13 Sep 2004

I was deeply offended by a comment on your site

"One would think that the Holocaust would have taught all Israelites compassion toward all other living beings, but this photo of Malish proves otherwise.  The Nazis dehumanized the Jews to excuse what they did to them. 

To us, these researchers are just as evil." For one, to compare the holocaust to medical research preformed on animals is simply inexcusable but then to have a cheap shot like "One would think that the Holocaust would have taught all Israelites compassion" comes off as blatantly racist and ignorant. This assumes that the Jewish state of Israel is all holocaust survivors and that while the entire country was being systematically killed off they were learning compassion for all living creatures even monkeys 50 years in the future. If the researchers that did this were black would you compare it to slavery? Yes the Nazi's did dehumanize Jewish people to do what they did and yes, they did conduct medical experimentation on them but to dehumanize something it must be human to begin with. We, as humans, tend impose our humanity onto other creatures assuming then that they feel compassion as we do, love as we do. In part this is true however any animal would kill a human in order to better its own self either for food or protection. humans do the same, it is not evil but rather nature. Medical research for instance is, on the most essential level, protection. If a monkey's head must be cut open and have electrodes placed in it (which is a rarity now thanks to CAT scans and MRI's) so that someday MS can be a curable disease, so be it. Evil is a cat catching a mouse and instead of eating it the cat will play with the mouse until it dies and then once its dead the cat will just leave it to rot. You are entitled to your opinion and I don't wish to change that. I would, however, like it if you would change this passage to something that doesn't attack anyone directly.

Thank you for your time



Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Zach:

I'm also Jewish, and many other Jewish people see the connection between what the Nazis did to human beings and what is being done to animals, today.

No living being deserves to be treated as these monkeys are being treated, or as any other laboratory, farmed, entertainment animals are being treated. They're the ones who should be offended, not humans who don't like our language. Furthermore, there would be no offending if there was no abusing of the animals, because all people would realize that they have a right to live as God intended them to live and enjoy His creation. See Isaiah 11:6-9.

And, by the way, our cats never hurt any of the field mice that found their way into our home.

In the Love of the Lord,


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