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From Tirdad - 15 Dec 2004

I believe that all creatures feel the pain, and some of them have esp and elevated senses, so how can any human being be so cruel is beyond me. But in this world that we live in people are so distant from the truth that so long as the pain is not inflicted on them, they don't care.

We must understand the fact that other creatures never before were subjected to this kinds of torture, since the beginning of time they only had their natural enemy's, but in the natural world animals kill to survive, imagine how the many billions of animal's have cursed the human race, or should I say the stahuman's!! I just hope humans wake up soon and realise what they are doing on this planet.

Thank you for giving a voice to the billion's of creatures of this world, and good luck.

Tirdad from London, England

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Tirdad:

Thank you very much for your compassionate and insightful letter.

Your comment about most human beings being "distant for the truth" is very true; in fact, we believe that this is a conscious act, because if they don't know the full truth, they suspect it.

All the time we hear people say, "Don't tell me about it! I don't want to know!" Such statements indicate that they do really know, and are just trying to use their supposed ignorance, as an excuse to continue to eat the animals and pretend it doesn't come to their plates with excruciating pain and suffering.

Anything you can do to help spread the truth about what is going on will be greatly appreciated by the animals and us.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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