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From Brittany - 25 Dec 2004

I was thinking about what you last wrote me and I realized that our government has it where people are arrested for abusing children and dogs. Yet they don't give a damn (forgive language) when people complain about abused and starved horses. They simply say call a organization that deals with it and when you do they give you the run around.

People say that dogs are man's best friend but I have to disagree my reg Quarter horse has been the biggest friend I have ever had, and no, a horse can't lay in your lap or in your bed. But when you are in need of someone all you have to do is go outside and there right there waiting for you to lay there big loving head on your shoulder, nudge you and let you lay between there feet all night and won't ever move (well 2 of my horses at least). The horse was here long before the dog. Horses have been loyal to us for all time. I just can't understand how people can be so heartless and cruel to a loving breed of animal, true some horses are crazy and best left alone but not killed they can be keep in a extremely large field were it can do what it likes.

There are some people buy my house that have a beautiful black mare with a star. They have had her for 6 months when they bought her she was fat and built. I went over there yesterday after I got a call from the people they wanted me to start riding her and working her so they could ride her. I had not been over there in a few months and what I saw yesterday made my heart break I found Velvet extremely poor -  no that's not right - starved they had her tied very close to a metal post they had a bucket of water beside her but they had her tied so close she was not able to get to it. There was wire wrapped around her back left foot, she had fought to get it lose that it had embedded into her hock.

I ran back to my truck grabbed a pair of wire cutters called my vet and got him down there. I walked up to velvet and rubbed her head and told her it would be ok I tried to start cutting the wire away from her hock but it caused her so much pain she jumped and started to struggle. I got her calmed down and I waited for my vet. 

We were able to get her sedated and the wire off.  I called the police they came out gave the people a fine and left.  I loaded the horse into a horse trailer and took her to my vets office were we doctored her gave her plenty of water and started feeding her. I am in the process of buying her from these horrible people.

There are so many people who do this to horses that don't deserve it. Please send this about velvet out to your readers so they can read what is happing to some horses that don't even go to slaughter. Maybe people will read this and share stories like this and get them out and maybe hopefully people will start to realize what they are doing is wrong.

Thank you


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Brittany:

Thank you for your comments and the story of Velvet.

Do you have any photos of her that we could include with the story.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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