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From Merv Scanlan - 29 Dec 2004

I was searching via Google for cute animal pictures when I was led to this.

The poor chickens! I feel sad now. I wish this wasn't happening.

What on earth can we do? I eat chicken and all other meats. If I knew it meant this, I would stop eating meat.

But, how can I help? What good am I? I am not sufficient to cease this torture, am I?


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Merv:

Thank you for writing, and for your compassionate questions.

Think of this: if no one did anything to help bring about a change, no change would ever happen. Every change begins with someone, and then more and more people join in, and soon there is significant change. That's the way slavery ended.

Every person who doesn't eat flesh and animal products, saves the lives of approximately 3 land animals every month and probably more sea animals. That's a real difference, and if every person who does this tells others, then it makes an even greater difference.

You are an important component in making this a kinder and more gentle world.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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