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From Sara Wharton - 31 Dec 2004

I am just curious. Have you found these conditions to exist among the organic cage free or free range chickens variety as well.

We raise laying hens in our backyard. They are free to roam the yard and they generally only go in the coop to sleep for the night or to lay eggs.

We don't even collect eggs during the fall and winter months as they stop laying during this time. The egg laying industry uses special lighting to keep up egg production. I have been getting organic eggs from the store, so I just wondered if you have investigated the organic chicken industry.

Thank you.

Sara Wharton

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Sara:

Thank you for writing, and for your question.

The only differences we have found are that the commercial organic and free range commercial farms don't use battery cages. Unfortunately, most "free range" seems to be nothing more than an advertising gimmick. We have also viewed several undercover videos of these kinds of farms, and many of the conditions are extremely bad.

Money always seems to win over compassion when it comes to commercially farmed animals. Throughout our many years of searching, we have never found a truly compassionate commercial farm in the animal agriculture industry.

Happy New Year!

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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