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From Anonymous - 27 Jan 2005

The images I have seen on this web page are upsetting sickening and wish the world would stop and leave the animals to proceed in their lives as we are.

I was that moved by the pictures that you should not be permitted to show them on the internet, but if you have to go this far to get the point across, then it will defiantly work.

Growing up on a farm means I am not a squeamish person as I have seen many things; for example, when my horse was shot, I held his head to comfort him because he would not stand still.  However, some of the photos I saw and the things I read made me think of how people across the world can harm such amazing creatures, they have been put on this planet for the same reason as you and I, but unfortunately they do not have the chance to show the world what they can do.

Some people see an elephant or any other creature as money, not only do they see them as money but they only kill them for parts of their bodies or features. I am deeply disgusted and wish we could get the word across to the world.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear ???:

Thank you very much for sending us your compassionate comments.

Your correct, the photos are horrible, but they need to be seen, as you mentioned. The people who commit these atrocities against animals have been hiding behind closed doors far to long, and their acts need to be exposed publicly. It's a form of "shock therapy", as you experienced, to wake-up people to do something to end the cruelty.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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