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From Maulena - 3 Feb 2005


I used to be in a Christian community in the 1970's in Oregon, and we loaded chickens out of barns into the trucks. The photos you show are of the NICE barns, a luxury "hotel" compared to most of them full of darkness, excrement and stenching decaying carcasses!!!

I have also been in the egg-laying barns, and it's horrible. The hens are in a tiny cage not big enough to move in, just laying eggs that roll into a little trough.

We got replaced by "machines" when somebody invented these tubes that go into the barns with suction/vacuum inside, stick the chicken in the end, and whooooop, it gets sucked out the barn, up to the truck, and SLAMS it into the cage!!! We were wondering if that wouldn't "bruise the meat" (let alone the trauma to the poor chickens!)

Anyway, they keep them awake for a couple of days. Then when the pickers go in, they dim the lights, and the chickens start cooing and want to lie down and go to sleep. Then the pickers slip their hands under them and grab them by the legs, three in each hand, and pick them up, carrying them upside-down to the guy on the truck, who slams them into the cages.

They are usually 7 weeks old (called "friers") and are what you usually see in the supermarket meat case.

I had not seen them slaughtered, but what we did was bad enough. Now I'm a Nazorean vegetarian :)


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Maulena:

Thank you for your descriptive information. People doubt that such practices are typical in the meat industry, and you letter will help show how horrible it really is.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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