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From Jenna - 25 Feb 2005


I recently visited your website and saw all your images of the battery hens. I was very much shocked and disgusted that humans could be this cruel. These images were so upsetting I cried for these poor animals. Rest assured I am off eggs as of now. I live in Australia but I know these batteries exist here as well. So I would like to thank you for providing insight into the shocking conditions these chickens are forced to live in. Just so the greedy owners can make as much money as possible.

Onto the broilers, I actually work in one as an egg collector. However I believe the conditions in the sheds I work in are much more satisfactory than in the batteries. The chickens have room to move (not a lot, I know, but still much more than in the batteries!), are fed plenty and have plenty to drink (the drinkers dispense water non-stop). We regularly replace the shavings in the nest boxes and on the floor, and make sure the shed temperatures are not too high or low, and overall one of the most important aspects while we have the chickens is humane treatment of them. From the time we get the chicks in to the time they are sent to the processing plant, we always ensure we treat them humanely. So yes just to let you know, the broilers aren't too bad, although I would prefer the chickens were "free-range" rather than what I refer to as "semi-free range" in the broilers.

Once again thank you for making this website, it has really opened my eyes to the cruel, appalling treatment of chickens in batteries. They deserve better!

Yours sincerely,


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Jenna:

Thank you very much for your encouraging comments and for telling us about the broiler operation you work in. It does sound much more humane that the ones in the United States. Here the broiler egg production is still performed in battery cages.

We agree that free-range would be even better than your operation, however, the best thing for the chickens and other animals would be if we didn't eat them.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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