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From Wayne Millett - 16 May 2005

I agree that such cruelty to animals is horrific and should be banned whenever possible but to suggest that everyone suddenly become vegans is a little simplistic.

I don't think God "objects" to people eating meat. But people are basically greedy and if they can make a buck selling dog meat then they will. Gandhi once said that the world had enough to support mankind's need but not his greed. I must admit that it's a shock to see the images though.

The world needs to know that this is going on so keep up the good fight.



Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Wayne:

Thank you very much for you comments and encouragement.

We like the Gandhi quote. Do you know what it's from, or if this is the exact quote?

Going vegan may be simplistic, because it is less complicated to live on a plant based diet than on a flesh centered diet.

God may have given us the concession to eat flesh, but never to mistreat the animals, and since more than 95% of animal products sold come from sources where animals suffer greatly, don't you think He would object to the cruelty, and in turn the products of the cruelty?

We look forward to hearing from your again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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