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From Rene - 30 May 2005


I looked at your web page and feel sick to my stomach. I am an animal lover. I always feel sick when I see pigs chopped meat in the supermarkets as I heard they are smarter than dogs.

But why is this torture allowed, I thought there were or are laws that you can't torture or abuse animals. Why is our government letting them make all that money on packing the animals so tight and not allowing the animal at least a brief life of earth to enjoy.

I know they won't stop killing the pigs and cows, but if they have to kill them to eat, it should be mandatory that they inject them to kill them and that only so many animals are allowed per pen. Each pen should be a good size and so forth.

I don't like the killing of animals, but I how can we insure that they treat the animals kind before injecting them and putting them to sleep and butchering them away from the other animals that will die later.

I am so sad, what can we do?


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Rene:

Thank you for your concern and desire to help.

One problem is the animal cruelty laws, as they are presently written, exclude what is called "standard practice" concerning farmed animals.

Another problem is that present laws, including human slaughter laws are not being properly enforced.

And the largest problem involves the consumers who continually flood the farmed animal abusers with their money for the cheapest possible products. In essence, they are saying, "We approve of your cruel treatment of animals as long as we can get our meat, milk and eggs for a cheap price. Do it some more!"

The only way we're going to effectively stop this is to inform the public by exposing the truth, by graphically showing them the pain and suffering their money causes, and by having them change their diet to divert their money to plant growing farmers.

We hope you will help us do this.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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