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From A Friend - 8 Jun 2005

Looking at the pictures on this site made me sick. I cried so hard looking at those poor monkeys with that metal hanging off the tops of their heads.

I am currently in a community from called _fighters. We fight for animal rights.

I would really like to know what else our community can do to help these specific monkeys. I know the research center is in Israel, but I really need to do something to get those poor monkeys help.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Friend:

Thank you for your compassionate email and desire to help.

We're not sure that there's a whole lot we can do for a specific monkey, other than expose their plight, but we can help all animals by politely and peacefully exposing these atrocities, and those inflicted upon other animals to the general public and by asking them to help us end animal suffering.

Public opinion can and will bring an end animal abuse, just like it brought an end to slavery.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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